That night as I savored my
small bowl of soaked garri and smoked fish, I waited for Onochie. The money
that Solo had given me was more than enough but somehow, I was down to just one
thousand naira. Where was the rest of the money? I had no idea!
Just this evening, after being
separated from the fight with the boys in the area, I realized that the money
that Solo had given me was shortened.

“Wey my money?” I had screamed.
“Nor be you wey dey tear cloth
fight? Why ya money nor go disappear?” One man said to me.
“Nor talk rubbish ooo…de money
wey I wan use pay house rent. How I go manage na?” I asked.
‘Mtcheww…which kain girl be dis
sef. Abeg go ya house, nor dey come cause palava for our street.” One woman
booed at me.
I rushed to fight her as well
but stopped when I remembered that my money was still missing and I was already
getting tired. I was booed out of the street and in no distant time, I got home
to emptiness. There was no food or light so, with the remaining one thousand
naira on me I went to mama Iyabo’s place to buy garri. Immediately she saw me,
she said;
“De time dem talk say you return…I
talk say na lie. I say, shame nor go fit carry Senorita come for we compound. E
be like say na true dem talk…Mtcheww…”
‘I wan buy garri…I said.”
Ignoring the long speech she had just uttered.
“You wan buy garri? For my
shop? You get money so? Or you don dey find pesin man wey you go thief again?”
I flashed the one thousand
naira note at her and she stared in disbelief.
“You sure say dat money dey
real? Fake money full market.”
‘Mama Iyabo…I just dey respect
you ooo…if not, I for insult ya life for hia. Na hungry carry me come and I nor
get time discuss any kain matter.”
“Mani o! Mani o!” Mama Iyabo
called out to one of her sons. “I go just sell garri for you sake of say you
carry money come. But dis compound nor want you again. De kain wahala wey you
bring come dat time nor be am. Shade…ahhh…Shade…that girl cry for ya
I ignored her comments and
waited for my garri and smoked fish to be delivered. It all cost one hundred
“I nor get change ooo…how we go
do am?” Mama Iyabo asked me.
“I nor know…” I answered, my
mouth full of fish. I was so hungry that as soon as Mani brought the garri and fish, I dived into the fish and started eating.
“Oya hold de money but bring
back my money ooo…I nor get change.”
I nodded and headed home
jubilating over my luck, there was no way that I was going to pay Mama Iyabo
her money for garri and fish.
Now as I sat in the empty room
and waited for Onochie to come, I had licked my plate clean and burped loudly and rudely. There was a knock at the door and I jumped up
instantly to answer it. I wasn’t intending on giving Onochie the rent, I had
something else in mind. 
I opened the door and it was not Onochie that stood
outside, it was Solo and he had come with his new girlfriend.
“Ahhh…Oga Solo! Welcome ooo…” I
said as I pushed the door wider to let him in.
“Senorita…how are you? Please
meet my sister, Theresa.” Solo introduced his girlfriend to me.
“Sister? Ya sister join you for
Solo laughed and the lady
laughed too. They sat on the tiny bench in the room while I stood.
“Well, by the grace of God, we
are brother and sister in Christ. Sister Theresa here is my girlfriend but we
don’t really utter such words, we call eachother brother and sister.”
“Hmmm…na wah ooo.” I reply.
“Well…you might be wondering
how I forgave you and how quickly I have changed. This is because I met someone
so special, His name is Jesus and that’s the reason we are here to share the
gospel with you because it is said, ‘go yea into the world and proclaim the good
news’. You are a soul, Senorita and we want you to be saved.” Solo said.
“Hmmm…” I answered not knowing
what they were getting at.
“If it’s okay by you, you could
come and stay with me in my house or even with brother Solo or at the church. We can
take good care of you and lead you to Christ.” Sister Theresa said.
“Hmmm…” I pondered making the same sound with my mouth as I had made before.
I was still pondering when I
heard a sharp knock at the door. Without waiting to be ushered in, Onochie
barged into the house.
“Bia Senorita! Wia my money?”
Onochie asked.
“Abeg hold am…you nor see say,
I dey talk to people?” I shouted.
“Which one come consign me?
Give me my house rent!” Onochie ordered.
“I thought I gave you some
money for the rent today…” Solo started.
“Pesin wey give pesin money dey
announce am? Na wah for you ooo…” I said to Solo.
“Take it easy brother, you even
told us how difficult she can be…let’s not go to harsh on her…” Sister Theresa
said to Solo.
“I am sorry…” He said to
Theresa and turning to me, he apologized as well.
“Wetin dey happen for hia?
Senorita! If you like yaself pay me my money ooo.” Onochie warned.
“You be goat! Come carry money
na!” I said turning my butt towards him and pushing it out in taunt.
“Una don see am? I go beat dis
gial ooo…I go beat am till her eyes enter back.” Onochie warned.
I watched as Solo and Theresa
whispered to each other and after a while Solo spoke up.
“I will settle the payment but as from now on, Senorita comes with us. She needs to be
Abeg save am ooo…save am…dis
girl dey craze…dis girl nor be pesin at all…” Onochie said in warning.
Solo brought out his wallet and
gave Onochie some money while Theresa walked up to Onochie and spoke to him.
“You too need to be saved.”
Theresa said.
“Wait ooo una don confuse? Nobi Senorita una wan save dat year? Abeg make una
file out.” Onochie demanded.
We all leave the house, I
really had no belongings so I left Janet’s former house, just as I came.



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