Even after being served one of
the best foods in my life, I still wasn’t satisfied. Rose could cook for
Africa! The meal she had given me to eat was not just delicious, it was filling
that I didn’t waste time gulping it all down. Night came faster than expected
and I spent the night in her room.
At the crack of dawn, I was already
up as I couldn’t sleep again, I began plotting different strategies in my head.
What went through my mind wasn’t simple.
‘How I go fit hammer for Lagos?
Abi I for remain for dat Madame house…na so so money full dia ooo?’ I thought
to myself as I stared at the small bed which I shared with Rose. The room was
located at the boy’s quarters of the house and it was small, neat and very
airy. We had slept off at about ten pm, according to Rose, ‘it was because the Big
boss was not around’ if he was, it would have been one am.
The events that unfurled when
the guards of Madame had come searching for me was like a dream and I didn’t
have to worry about them anymore because they had gone back after a futile
search for me.
As I lay down and stared at the
ceiling above, I counted all that I had lost. I had nothing, not even a dime to
my name. The short dress of the last evening with Madame had torn and was
already dirty.
 Suddenly I heard a sharp bang at the door and I
jumped up to my feet ….Rose as well.
“Wake-up! Small Boss don wake…”
Jide shouted through the door.
“Chei…morning don come? E don
nack five already? Rose sighed.
“Abeg make una go start
breakfast. E go soon comot go Gym.” Jide persisted.
“Oya…Charity, make we go cook
food for Oga.” Rose said to me.
I almost corrected her about my
name but remembered that I was under camouflage so, I didn’t say anything. We hurriedly
left the room and headed out of the boys quarters mumbling greetings to Jide
who was already angry at us for wasting time.
“Na dis cloth you go wear today
again?” Jide asked me.
“Wetin consign u? Why
embarrasements?” Rose spoke up in my defense.
Rose seemed to have a knack of
taking up responsibilities, both those that were assigned to her and those that
she had no business with.
“I nor like de cloth wey she
wear! You know say our Boss pikin too like woman. If e see am now, na anoda
palava ooo. E go wan carry am for inside house.”
My ears pricked at that new
information. All hope was not lost! Senorita could go back to being one of the
most sought after girls in Lagos.
“Thank you, mister information.”
Rose said in disgust and led me to the kitchen. “Small Boss get taste, e nor
fit find Charity.”
I was angry that Rose had said
that I wasn’t Boss’s son’s class and I almost addressed it but remembered again
that I was in no position to do so. We entered the house and proceeded into the
kitchen. The kitchen was as big as my village square. It was so huge and it had
big freezers, fridges, cookers and many other unexplainable items in it.
“We go fry egg and sauce for
small boss.” Rose informed me as she went to one of the fridges and brought out
eggs. “Break these ones…whisk am well well.” She ordered.
I looked at the smallish girl
and almost hissed, what nerve! Sending Senorita on errands like she was boss. I
proceeded to break the eggs into a bowl, throwing in both egg and shell and
turning them together with a big spoon till it was well mixed.
“Small Boss na Big Boss pikin.
E nor dey live for Naija, na Yankee e dey stay but e come back for holiday.”
Rose supplied, then quickly changed the topic. “The sauce dey for inside
fridge, I go use microwave for am. I don put fry pan for fire. I go pour oil.
Do ya thing!” Rose said as she went to another fridge to bring out a bowl with
tomato sauce. I walk to towards the gas cooker and toss all the contents of my
bowl into the fry pan on fire.
“Hope say you put enough salt?”
Rose asked, going back to the fridge in search of something else.
I quickly look for the salt
container and I sight a transparent container with white powder on the table
beside the gas cooker and lunge for it. Not checking to see what I was about to
throw into the fry pan, I added the powder. On the container was captioned, ‘Baking
By the time the egg was ready, I
transferred it to a flat plate and waited for Rose to add her sauce which she
“Wetin dey for inside the egg?
Abi you add de shell?” Rose stared suspiciously at the egg, after a while, she
shrugged off her question. “How you go add shell sef! No mind me jare. Wait for
hia make I go set table for small Boss. I wan make you go market ooo…de driver
go carry you go. But first, you go baff den go Mama Joss shop, she buy plenty things for us. You go first go carry
de things she buy before seven go knack.”
“Okay.” I reply still angry
that I had to answer to the small Rose.
We had just had our baths and I
had just worn my dress again since it’s the only one that I had and Rose was
too small to borrow me hers since we aren’t the same size, (besides, I liked
the fact that Jide had said something important about the small boss and his
flair with the ladies) when we heard a loud roar from the main house. Rose and
I rushed into the main house to see what was going on. We were quickly summoned
by Jide who told us that the small Boss wanted to see us.
As soon as we stepped into the dining
room, I stared into the face of one of the most handsome men I’ve ever seen.
Looking at him, it’s not difficult to say that the small Boss has never seen
suffering in his entire life. His body and face looked like fresh bread, newly
baked from the oven.
“Who made this meal?” The small
Boss asked, trying to sound calm.
“Na me…” I started but Rose was
already answering.
“I prepare am sir.”
“Taste it.” The small boss
Rose took a spoon and started
to scoop the sauce.
“Not the sauce, taste the eggs!”
The small Boss ordered.
Rose used the spoon, scooped
some egg and tasted it, she screamed and spat the eggs out.
“Do you want to poison me? Who
sent you to kill me? My enemies?” Small Boss screamed.
“I am sorry sir, I nor know…”
Rose started, falling on her knees.
“Get out of my sight! Your fate
will be decided when I have successfully purged this hideous meal out of my
system.” The small Boss said as he stormed out of the dining room.
“Wetin happen? Ya food be dey
sweet na!” Jide asked shocked.
Rose wailed, crying and bawling
“E be like say, small Boss want
make we cook special food for am. De egg sweet na…” I say.
Rose looked at me from a red
point of view.
“You dey craze? No be you cook
de food? Na only sauce I do…” Rose spat.
“But when Oga ask, why you talk
say na you? Rose, I don tell u plenty times say, make you dey mind ya business
and make you nor dey carry oda people matter for ya head. See smallie like you
wey wan put person palava for ya shoulder. Dis girl wey come dis house, I still
dey reason am o. She fly come? Na winch? She no even enter through gate. Me, I don
ask Mallam Audu and e talk say, e dey for gate all through yestaday, e nor see
am. How she fly enter dis compound?” Jide said.
“Abegi…dis na Charity! Big boss
tell me say she go come serve for hia…wetin you dey yarn?” Rose said, wiping
her eyes with the back of her palms.
“Okay ooo..shebi u talk say na
to cook be her specialty. Abi she don carry poison give small boss. Una wey be
woman ehn, una nor dey listen. Na till dis gial go throw sand enter ya eye, na
den e go clear.” Jide said.
“Jide abeg, nor dey insult me.”
I say.
“Abeg shut up! Na only you know
wetin carry you come hia. Shebi I tell u say de cloth wey u wear nor good at
all. You still wear am abi? Before I close my eyes, ehn, make e be say u don
transform for my eyes.” Jide warned as he closed his eyes.
I storm out of the dining room.
Who did they think I am? I asked myself while I left the main house and walked
towards the boys quarters. I enter the room I shared with Rose and banged the
door shut.

“Shebi dem talk say, small boss
like woman wey fine like Senorita! My waka just start ooo…una never see de kind
action wey I go show for dis house. Charity ko, Ritika ni!”

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