Mama’s place was
special. Why? It had everything and more! Aside from the fact that she lived in
a complete duplex with beautiful facilities I only saw in movies, the house was
the first house I’ve ever entered in life that everywhere felt as though there
was harmattan. The place was cold and smelt really nice, I walked behind Gina,
staring at the place in wonder.
Gina entered a large
sitting room and curtseyed in greeting to the woman who sat on the sofa, I did
the same.
“Good afternoon
mummy…I came as soon as I could. Are you well? How was your trip? Hope not
stressful?” Gina asked.
“What kind of
questions are you bombarding me with? Does it look like I am in the mood for
questions and answers?” The woman retorted.

“I am really
sorry ma…I was just interested in your welfare…”
“If you are
really interested in my welfare, where are your bags? You should come and live
here with me you know?” The woman said.
“Mummy…I have
been so busy, work takes so much of my time and you know I’ve started an online
program so…” I started.
“Hmmmm….” I mutter
under my breath, I knew that Gina had resigned from her job months ago because
she was trying to tidy up her plans to relocate to the States, and I knew that there
was nothing like a distance learning program in her calendar.
“What did you
say?” Gina’s mother in law asked me interestedly.
“Don’t mind her
mum…she’s a girl I brought to help you…I’ll be coming from time to time…I
promise…” Gina said.
“What’s your
name?” The woman asked me.
“Senorita ma!”
“What’s the
meaning of the name?”
“Fine geh…” I
“You are daft,
Senorita means young girl in Spanish. Who gave you such name?” The woman asked.
“Na me choose am…”
I reply already getting offended by her manner of speaking to me.
“From where?”
“My text book
for secondary school for inside my village ma.”
“What’s the name
your parents gave you?”
I almost
retorted and told her to mind her bloody business but I bit my tongue.
“I don forget
that name ma…” I reply.
“You forgot your
original name? The name your parents gave to you?” Gina’s mother in law said
abashed. “Gina, is this the girl you brought to stay with me for two weeks
before I leave for the village?”
Gina scratched her
head and quickly said.
“Yes ma…but
please ma, she’s a good girl, she works well and she’s quite smart.”
“Then you must
be daft! If you call this girl smart, I question your intelligence! And to
think that I blessed your union with my son….” Gina’s mother-in-law said.
“Mom…I have
stayed with her for some months and she’s been really good…I don’t see any
reason why you don’t want her.”
“Rather than
staying with this daft girl, I’d be better off on my own, thank you!” Her
mother in law said.
Gina rolled her
eyes and looked at me in anger.
“Okay…could you
try her out for some days, I promise that you won’t believe how much you’d like
her…” Gina lied.
only accepting because I really need company and I need someone to run personal
errands for me, or …I wouldn’t accept her.” Her mother in law said bitterly.
“Thank you so
much ma…Senorita will be good…I promise.” Gina said.
“God forbid it
that I call her by that name! She’d better go back into her memory and think of
the name her parents had given to her.” The woman said and stood up from the
sofa. “I am off to have my bath now, show her to one of the rooms downstairs.”
She said and walked away.
kain winch be dis one? Na so ya husband mama dey do? Na wah ooo…” I said,
slapping my palms in a snicker.
“Will you shut
up? Besides what’s your real name? You this big liar!” Gina accused.
“My name na
Senorita! Take am or leave am, if e dey pepper una for bodi say I get dis kain
sweet name, abeg go jump gutter…” I said and hissed.
“Come with me…I’ll
show you to your room and a note of warning, Senorita, never…I repeat, never
pull those your dirty stunts in this house. My husband’s mother doesn’t play
ooo…she used to be a school principal, she can flog you ooo…” Gina warned me.
“Over her dead
bodi! Make she try am…she go see pepper for inside her eye.” I say.
“Keep quiet and
better behave! I am not going to stay in this house and look after her anyway,
she has daughters and I have my mother as well…I wasn’t married to take care of
both her son and her too.” Gina said.
“Shebi you talk
say you dey do distance learning and you dey work. Sister Gina, you dey go
church ooo…why you come dey lie?” I ask.
“Well…what do
you expect me to do? Make her know that I have free time on my hands so that
she can demand that I move into this house. When I married her son, it was for
the money and all that came with it and not to be his mother’s servant. I am
just thankful that marrying her son took me up the ladder, from poverty to
prosperity. I really can’t be bothered!” Gina said.

I took in the
pieces of information and nodded my head as I followed her to my supposed room.
To be continued next week…



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