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I watched Gina throw my things out of the house with firm
resolve, I was in tears and I kept glancing at Gabriel with pitiful eyes just in
case he could help me out but he too was fed up, I could tell, from the way he
averted my gaze. By the time Gina had thrown out the small bags I had into the
street, and turned back towards the house, I knew all was doomed but I couldn’t
let them leave me like that. After breaking the laptop last night, they had
waited till the wee hours of the morning to send me packing.

“Nor be soooo…after everything na so una wan pursue me comot
like that, una nor even settle me…” I start.
“Don’t let me slap that foolish mouth of yours! Settle who?
You? You who totally damaged my laptop? Where in the world did you come from?
The zoo?” Gina screamed back in response.
“All I know be say, I nor go leave this house if una nor
give me my due…haba!” I scream.
“Gabriel did you see the idiot you brought into my house?
Have you seen what she has caused? Infact, I give you two weeks to pack your
things and leave this house! I am tired.” Gina said to her brother.
“Haaa sister Gina, it hasn’t gotten to that…” Gabriel
“Yes it has, my husband expressed his displeasure when I encouraged
you to come and live with me but I went against his will because you are my
brother. Now I know that I should have listened to him…I have given you a two weeks’
notice…you had better left by the time its over!” Gina said and stormed into
the house.
“Have you seen what you have done to me? I have never seen
my sister this mad before…” Gabriel lamented.
“You sef dey fall pesin hand…see as you dey cry sake of say
ya sister pursue you comot from im house. Nor be man you be so? Which kain cry
cry you dey do hia? Abeg arrange yaself carry ya load make we go…” I say.
“Excuse me? Do you think we are in the same league? She is
my sister and you are the lady I picked up because I was feeling sorry for you.
Get out of this place immediately.” Gabriel barked.
“Una never settle me…I nor dey comot until money touch my
“After spoiling my sister’s laptop you dare to ask for
money! You owe us big time!”
“See as you dey talk like pikin, abeg comot make I see road
jare…I go siddon for una dormot till money enter my hand, if not, Senorita nor
dey go anywhere.” I say with firm resolve and walking to the doorstep of the
house, I sit at the front steps.
“You are mad you know…and my sister is going to deal severely
with you if she sees that you are still here…” Gabriel warned and went inside
the house.
I sat there and waited, confident that my money was waiting
for me somewhere inside the house.
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The sun was hot and I had quickly placed my head on my laps
making sure to fold my arms into a make-do pillow so that my head could nestle
properly while I slept. I was in dream land, in my dream, I saw Solo, he looked
so handsome in a red jacket and green trousers while I was wearing a red flowing
gown and holding flowers while running to him. It was our wedding day and I was
so happy to be getting married to him. Suddenly, there was commotion, it seemed
like there were shots fired in the air and I ran for cover, I looked up and couldn’t
see Solo, then as though by miracle, I saw him and I shouted out his name and
ran to him. It was in the process of my running that I felt the cold water on
my back, I screamed and woke up. Indeed there was water all over my body, I looked
up in confusion to see an angry Gina glaring at me.
“What are you doing at my doorstep? Didn’t I tell you to get
out?” She shouted still wielding the empty bucket of water as though it was
I wanted to reply then suddenly I remembered something, when
I was younger, I used to have these short sporadic epileptic attacks but while I
grew it faded away but whenever I wanted to scare any of my family members, I’d
just fall to the ground and pretend that the seizures were back again and I did
it so well that no one ever suspected that I was fooling around. This was my
chance to getting something out of nothing so I suddenly began shaking, batting
my eyes rapidly and falling to the ground while shaking in the process. I could
tell that Gina was terrified because her scream reached miles away.
“Senorita! Oh my God! I am in trouble! Gabriel! Gabriel! Help!”
She screamed.

I kept doing my epileptic dance on the ground and opening my
mouth to let saliva escape unaided, I did this in quick succession till I felt
myself lifted from the ground by strong arms and placed into a vehicle. I was
quickly driven to the hospital. Deep down I knew, that there was no way that
they’ll send me out to the streets again, and by my singular act, Gina and
Gabriel were in my debt, I overhead the tearful conversations they were having
in the car and while I lay on the back seat, I smiled. Mission accomplished!



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