Oga Benson and I had stood at
the roadside for almost forty minutes. All the girls I had told about the job
had looked at me hissed, and walked away.
“Which kain gbege I don enter
so? I nor go stay for dat house ooo with dat winch.,..I nor fit…” I say in
protest as I stamp my feet in anger.
Granny’s driver, Oga Benson, stood
by my side, he didn’t say anything but waited with me. I decided to start up a
conversation with him and see if he would be willing to give me details as to
what I was up against.
“Oga….dis ya madam na war
ooo…” I say to him with a smile.

“You have less than twenty
minutes…” He said to me, looking at his watch.
“Which one you dey na…you nor
dey smile?” I said to him, nudging him playfully.
He ignored me and looked away,
when I saw that he wasn’t paying any heed to me, I decided to cross the road
and as soon as I did, an idea crossed my mind.
I suddenly fell to the ground
and started wailing.
“Kidnapper ooo! Dis man wan
carry me goo….” I wailed aloud as I pointed at him.
Some people looked at me and at
him, while others walked up to me, a few others went on their way. Oga Benson
stood at the roadside as though I wasn’t saying anything.
“Na him oooo….na him carry me
from wia I dey buy pepper from market….na im thief me…make una helep me I beg ooo…” I
screamed in tears.
I was beginning to draw
attention and people started to surround me.
“Aunti…which man kidnap you?” A young woman asked.
“Na dat oga wey dey dia….” I
They turned to look at Oga
Benson but he was looking at his watch. One of the men who had surrounded me
stormed up to him and shouted.
“That girl is accusing you of
kidnap, what do you have to say to defend yourself.” The man shouted.
Oga Benson ignored him.
“Mr man, you are in soup today,
wait till I summon the street boys to beat you up.” He threatened.
Oga Benson fished his pocket
and brought out an ID card which he showed the man.
“Ha! Officer….with due respect
sir…I am very sorry sir…I am truly sorry…” The man said, and turning to
the people he informed. “Na police man oooo….you sure say dat girl nor be
The people looked at me in open accusation, I saw Oga Benson glance at his wristwatch again and I jumped up and took to my heels. As I ran I noticed that other people on the road were running
towards me, I looked back quickly and saw that I was being pursued by all those
who I had called to my rescue. In no time, I was caught and bounded back to Oga
Benson who was still standing at the roadside.
By the time we reached the
house, I was already exhausted, I walked into the sitting room where Gina’s
mother in law was and said to her.
“Granny…I nor see pesin wey
fit take my place but I don decide say, I wan go my village, Lagos don tire
“Granny..she drew a mob from
the streets and had them call me a kidnapper, I had to show them my ID to save
myself from being accused falsely.”  Oga Benson said.
“Wetin e talk? I nor call
anybody ooo…Oga Benson abeg take ya time…” I started but stopped short when I saw Gina’s
mother in law stand up and in no time, I felt the huge strokes of the koboko
all over my body.
I screamed in pain as I ran round the house with granny in
hot pursuit.


  1. For the very first time since this Senorita series, I'm getting to really, really enjoy it. I think Senorita needs to be taught a lesson and I think Granny is just the right woman for the job! Hehehehehe….



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