Gina had left the house after
spending sometime with her mother in law, I, on the other hand couldn’t be
bothered. I had my books with me and was learning some spelling work and didn’t
know when I slept off on the books I was reading. By the time I woke up, it was morning and I
realized that I hadn’t had dinner before going to bed. I rose from the bed,
wiped my eyes with the back of my palms and headed out of my room to the
kitchen. Gina’s mother in law was there preparing a delicious pot of stew and
its aroma filled the whole kitchen.
“Good morning ma…” I greeted.

“Good morning…did you sleep
well?” Gina’s mother in law asked.
“Yes ma…” I reply and stand
at a corner, I didn’t know what else to say. Then the clock on the wall caught
my attention and I gasped in shock, it was almost eight am.
“Eight don knack?” I asked
“Hmmm….it’s almost eight
oclock.” Gina’s mother in law replied.
“What? I get school ooo…my
school bus suppose don come carry me…” I say.
“Oh….the blue and pink school
bus?” She asked.
“Yes…e get pink and blue for
im bodi…” I say.
“Oh…it came and horned….”
“Eh! My school bus don come?
Where im dey?” I asked in worry.
“They asked if I knew any
Senorita and I told them that I did not.” She replied not looking up from her
pot of stew.
“What? You tell dem what?” I
ask angrily.
“Yes…I don’t know any Señorita….or do I?” She asked me.
“Wetin dis woman dey vomit sef? Maalee, abeg arrange yaself ooo…which one be say you nor know any Señorita for dis house?”
“Well…if you had woken up
sooner, you would have told them that there is a Senorita in this house….”
Gina’s mother in law said to me.
“If I nor wake up, you nor fit
wake me?” I ask angrily.
Gina’s mother in-law turned to
face me and gave me a loud slap on my cheek. In my entire life, I have never
been dealt such kind of slap before. I fall to the ground and almost hit my
head on the small stool on the ground.
“Get up! Now!” Gina’s mother in-law said to me while staring me in the eyes.
I struggle to stand still
holding my cheek and wincing in pain.
“My name is Granny and that’s
what you’ll call me from today onwards. I will not tolerate any sort of
insolent, disgraceful, unpalatable, idiotic behaviour from you. If you try to
go against me, I’ll come down on you, am I understood?”
“Ma?” I say.
She slaps me again on the other
cheek and I see stars.
“I know your kind, you are one
of those who know nothing and like to feel that no one can tell you what to do
but guess what? You are under my roof and you are answerable to me. You will
act like the lady you are whether you like it or not.”
“If…if na so you be…I nor
dey stay again…” I say as tears form in my eyes.
“If you can get me a
replacement in the next one hour, I’ll let you go but if you can’t, you are
stuck with me.” She said.
“Abeg…madam…I nor fit….I
go find pesin give you…shebi na one hour you talk…abge give me twenty
minutes and I go bring pesin come for you.” I say.
“Okay then…you can go, I’ll
ask my driver to escort you…I give you just three minutes…” She said to me.

I nod and hurriedly run out of
the kitchen, holding my stinging cheek with my palm.



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