Gina was seated in her home with her brother Gabriel when I
walked into the house as soon as they saw me, Gina stood up and started
“What are you doing here? Have you come to snoop on me again?”
“Sister Gina, nor be so… abeg…I don change…chai. I nor
know say na dis kain hate una get for my side so…” I cry.
Gabriel stood up and looked at me;
“Stop those crocodile tears? What happened to your ankle? I
thought you limped after your epileptic display…” He said to me.

“Make I talk true…I nor get epilepsy….na joke I dey
joke. Una wan pursue me comot for house and I nor get wia to go, naso I begin
de…” I say.
“What? All that was a fib? What?” Gina screamed as she gave
me a huge slap at my back.
“I deserve am…abeg…I deserve am…” I cry.
“What do you want here?” Gabriel asked in anger.
“I just want make una pity me…abeg…make una forgif
me….I don change, I wan change…” I say.
“Is that all? You are forgiven.” Gabriel said. “Now, please leave….”
“Forgiven? That easily? No way! She almost ruined my
marriage…she made that wicked witch of a mother-in-law suspect that I had a
boyfriend and if my boyfriend hadn’t disguised as a pastor, I could be saying
goodbye to marriage life.” Gina blurted.
“Aunti Gina, granny dey door ooo…” I start.
Gina’s eyes widen as granny pushed the door open and walked
into the sitting room.
“Ha!” Gina exclaimed.
“I actually accompanied Señorita here to sincerely apologize to
you and your brother for all the things she’d done since she’s truly contrite.
I have been standing at the door, waiting for her to emerge as I didn’t want to
come in and spoil the reconciliation exercise, only to hear you tell the truth
about that your affair with the man you called, pastor…” Granny said to
“Mummy, I…I…am sorry…I…” Gina started as tears
welled up in her eyes.
“I won’t tell my son anything and I won’t infringe in your
life besides, it’s your life to live but I expect that you face my son with the
truth…sooner or later…” Granny said.
Gina stared at granny and suddenly blurted.
“I shouldn’t be going through this, you know…it’s not fair
on me, not fair at all. I thought he was going to process my papers for me to
join him abroad but it’s taking too much time and I’m fed up!”
“Fed up? Is it his fault that things are taking too slow?”
Granny thundered.
“That’s the problem I have with him, he always claims it’s
not his fault. You’re speaking as though I don’t know what’s obtainable. He
could be married to some white lady…you know…”
“You are stupid for insinuating that! You’ve forgotten that
I went there some months back….and if I saw another woman…”
“You would have what? Told me?” Gina started.
“Yes, he is my son but I would have told you. Listen to me
Gina, you are having an extra-marital affair here in Nigeria and whether you
like it or not, you’ve developed a bond with this so-called boyfriend of yours.
You need to tell your husband.” Granny said.
“I will…” Gina said firmly. “And once I do that, I’m
getting a divorce. I can’t continue wasting away as his wife when there are lots of men
dying for me.”
“A bird in hand is worth more than a million in the bush,
Gina…” Granny warned.
“I’d rather be with the million in the bush…” Gina said
and walked away.
Gabriel stared at his sister’s retreating form and looked at
“I accept your apologies Senorita and if you need anything,
you can holler at me..” He said.
“I doubt she’ll need anything from you, I’ll be taking care
of her from now on.” Granny said sternly.
“And tell your sister that we need to
talk. One doesn’t rush into a divorce just like that!”
At that, Granny and I left the house.
It’s been three years since the day I paid Gina and Gabriel a visit at their home and I have evolved with time. I learnt a good trade of clothes-making and I work as a seamstress at a
huge fashion house at Illupeju. Just yesterday, I saw Solo drive past with his
wife, Tessy, I was able to guess that she was his wife because they had a child
in a car seat at the back of their car. They didn’t see me because I was on the
motor-bike beside them but I saw them and I was happy that they were in a happy
place. I had visited my mother in the village some months ago and she didn’t
look too well so, I had decided that once I made enough money to rent an
apartment, I am bringing her to stay with me. Granny had been of great help
and she put me through home-school and tailoring school and I was indeed grateful.
Gina had been true to her word and had divorced her husband,
she was presently married to her former boyfriend whom she had presented as her
pastor, they were both happy together. Gabriel’s wedding comes up this Saturday
and I had taken up a personal job of designing the bridal train dresses, a contract
given to me by his wife and no, she’s not Splendour.
The first thing I did once I started learning from my
tutor was to buy a big book in order to document everything from the beginning
of my stay in Lagos and so far, I have done my best.
As I near the end my story, I must add that sense didn’t come
to me overnight, rather, as opened my mind to life and to studying the
behavioural patterns of those around me, I’ve learnt alot and as the wise saying goes,
‘Life’s a teacher’. 
My life hasn’t ended though, it has just begun but I’m done
writing this diary of the foolish and clueless girl who came to Lagos six years ago to conquer. Just as I have dropped the name, Senorita, which belongs to my past-life, and revert to my native name-which I won’t
include here, I’m more than ready to live life to the full.


I do not know when I’d start a new diary but I’m hopeful that it’ll be soon. Thank you for reading dears and God bless you.



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