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You should have seen the way I
walked into my new classroom that afternoon, with a large hibiscus flower in my
neatly plaited hair, my Dora the Explorer bag at my back and my shiny shoes on
my feet as well as my socks. Yes, I was on my way to becoming a graduate and
Gina had given me her full support as well as Gabriel and why not? Weren’t they
the cause of my limp? As far as I am concerned, they disfigured me and they had
to pay for damages.

I’ll cut the long story short,
I feigned epilepsy and was rushed to the hospital where I was given medication
and treated but somehow, I couldn’t stop walking like one with some sort of
disability as even the doctor had been puzzled at the fact that epilepsy could
trigger disability. Yes, I faked that one too…abi na Senorita dem wan chase
comot from house? Mtchewww.
Gina felt so responsible for my
disability that she had to take me back into her home as well as enrol me in
school, which she said would help improve my understanding of the environment.
So, here I am, on my first day at school and definitely on my way to becoming a
graduate. Who sigh?
As soon as I walked in, the
class grew silent as the pupils stared at me, then one of them stood up from
her chair and hit the table hard, as soon as she did that the pupils rose from
their seats.
“Good afternoon ma, you are
welcome to primary four pink, God bless you ma…Amen.” They all chorused.
I smiled and waved at them,
while the teacher walked up to me and smiled through grit teeth
“As una don bress me, may God
bress una…” I shout.
“Is this supposed to be your
class?” The teacher asked me, obviously angry that I had been imposed on her.
“Yes ma…” I replied.
“Are you sure? I thought the
school was enrolling you for adult classes? You are too big for this 
The teacher said.
I ignore her and scan the class
for a vacant seat, I sight one at a corner and quickly make my way there and
try to seat.
“Abeg shift!” I tell my new
seat partner.
The little boy shouldn’t be
more than eight years old, his glasses was perched at the tip of his nose and
his eyes were as huge as saucer plates.
“Auntie…you can’t sit here ooo…it’s
going to be tight…” The boy said in protest.
“I go soon slap ya face now…I
resemble ya mate?” I tell him quickly.
“Ohhhhh….nooo! You can’t even
speak English! Excuse me, Mrs. Makinde! I can’t share my seat with her…she’s
not even supposed to be in our class.” The boy said standing up to address the
“Don’t worry Akin, I’m sure
there must have been a mix-up somewhere…I’ll quickly rush to the headmistress’s
office and clarify okay?” The teacher assured and ran out.
As soon as the teacher
disappeared, the whole pupils in the class surrounded my seat and bombarded me
with questions.
“Are you sure you are not a
teacher? You are so big.” One girl said to me.
“How old are you?” Another
“You are an old mama! What are
you doing in primary four?” A little boy asked.
“Well…I nor know wetin una
dey talk, my own be say, Gina tell me say after dis class, na straight to
graduation…if I pass ooo…but I sure say I go pass am.” I reply.
“What? How can you go to the
university from primary four…who told you that?” Another girl asked.
“She’s an olodo!” A little girl
“Go away from my
seat…goooo…” The little boy, Akin, whom I had shared seats with said while
pushing me with his hands.
“I go sama you slap oo…I go
break ya eye glass comot ooo…” I warn.
“Akin…she’ll beat you ooo…”
A girl said to the boy.
“I don’t care…I don’t want
her on my seat…I’ll choke.” The boy said.
Soon, the teacher walked back
into the class with the headmistress, the pupils dispersed back to their seats,
each one out running the other.
“Settle down class…” The
headmistress said. “Senorita, please step forward.”
I didn’t understand her English
so I remained seated.
“Senorita! I said, come here…”
The headmistress said.

That I understood, I quickly
stood up and limped towards her. Limping was already proving to be a difficult
task especially as I really had no defects whatsoever but was camouflaging to remain
in Gina’s good graces.
“Class…this is Senorita. She
is not your class mate but she would be in your class as she has to learn. I
have asked the admin staff to bring her a special seat which she would use
while with you. 
Senorita needs help with learning and I’d like you to teach her
all you know…let’s join hands in making her a future leader of tomorrow.” The
headmistress said.
Mrs. Makinde was not pleased,
she frowned and stared at me as though I had the plague.
“Mrs. Makinde, Senorita would
be seated right next to you, she would not mix with the class or seat with them
as she is far older than they are. I promise you that she is here for just the
remaining of the term and that’s all.” The headmistress said.
“Yes ma…” Mrs. Makinde said
clearly displeased.
The headmistress left the class
while I stood at the front of the class.
“Senorita…you will have to
wait till your chair is brought in…” Then to the pupils, the teacher said, “Bring
out your quantitative text books….I need to see your homework.”
I hissed and placed my hands on
my hips already angry at the teacher’s attitude, then seeing that she was
walking from seat to seat and looking through the pupil’s notebooks, I limped
to her chair and sat down.
“Senorita! That is my
seat…stand up!” The teacher said to me.
“I nor dey go anywia…after I
don pay school fees finish…una want make I stand…you try!” I hiss.
“You are disrespecting me in
front of your classmates…that’s improper…”

“Taaaa…sharap! Wetin
headmistress talk be say, me and dem nor be classmates in short we nor dey de
same level and na me and you dey de same level. So, as I siddon for ya seat,
nor vex, na de same level we dey!”



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