“Señorita! Your grandma is looking everywhere for you.” The
young girl told me. “She’s even in the school now.”
“Ahhhhh! Abeg…na God I dey take beg una….auntie abeg, I
nor wan go back to granny I beg…” I plead with Nkiru who was staring at me in
“I can’t let you stay with us not when you have a
grandmother who loves you and wants you back.” Nkiru says to me.

“Auntie…my tory long ooo…I nor get any pesin for Lagos
ooo…na only Janet be my sister and as she comot Lagos, I come dey waka about
before I jam Gina and jam Granny. Abeg…help me…” I cry.
“So you mean that granny isn’t related to you?” Nkiru
“Relate? No! Granny get her people and I nor be her pikin.”
Nkiru spoke to Oge.
“Get into the car, Oge, let’s go home.”
Oge pushed open the back door and got in.
“What’s going to happen to Senorita? You are not thinking of
keeping her with you are you?” Oge asked Nkiru.
“You heard her, she’s not happy with the granny woman.” Nkiru
Oge sighed deeply, she was not happy with her step mother’s
As soon as we arrived home, my heart begun beating normally
again, I was so thankful that Nkiru decided against sending me off to granny.
Nkiru and her children left the car while I carried out the bags of foodstuff
at the booth of the car.
“Senorita I want you to go home.” Oge said to me.
I didn’t realise that she was standing behind me all these
“Wetin be ya own sef? Pesin nor fit stay ya house again?”
“I don’t want you in my daddy’s house! Is it not enough that
as big as you are, you are still in primary school and in my class for that
matter?” Oge stressed.
“Na my fault? Na my fault say Gina dem want make I go
school? I don even finish secondary for village before I come Lagos.” I say.

“I really don’t care where you came from but I really don’t like it that you
are here.” Oge says to me and walks away.
“Shior! See dis gial ooo…see as she dey run mouth like
tap. And auntie nor be even her mama. Who be her mama sef?”
That night there was a party for Oge, her father had come
home bringing a cake with him and some drinks and the family sang happy
birthday to her. I was in the kitchen washing the plates and cups when Nkiru
came in.
“Thank you for doing this for me….I am so glad I let you
stay.” She said to me.
“Thank you ma…” I smile and continue washing plates.
Nkiru busies herself about the kitchen while I continue with
the plates.
“Party don finish?” I ask.
“No…it’s still on….it’s just that Oge’s mom came over
and she’s in the sitting room discussing with my husband.”
“Hmmm….ehen? “ I say.
“What’s that supposed to mean?” Nkiru asked me.
“Na wah ooo…you get mind ooo…auntie.” I say.
“I don’t understand…why would you say that?”
“First, you throw party for pikin wey nor even be ya own and
now her mama dey parlour with ya husband.”
“Is that supposed to be a problem?”
 Her mama don marry?”
“No…she’s a single mom…”
“Hmmm…you sure say dat woman nor dey plan for you? Why she
carry herself come hia? Abi she never see her pikin belle full for house?”
Nkiru’s countenance changed and she looked very troubled.
“There’s no cause for worry Senorita!” Nkiru smiled wobbly.
I could see that she was trying not to believe what I was
telling her but I was determined to make Oge pay for almost sending me back to
Granny so I pressed.
“Auntie…you be better pesin, and if na anoda woman ehn,
she nor go siddon dey look as her husband pikin dey plan with her mama to take
over her papa house. I sha raise yansh for you ooo…” I say as I wash the
“Please excuse me…” Nkiru said to me and quickly left the

While I washed, I heard the loud shouts in the sitting room
and soon, the slamming of doors. I smiled.
To be continued….



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