I walked into the house in fear while replaying all that had
happened at the school in my head hoping that granny was oblivious to the fact
that I had been about to run away from her place.
“Señorita!” Granny called.
My head jerked in response, granny never called me Señorita,
maybe she was tired of pestering me for my real native name.

“Ma!” I answer and run outside to meet her.
She was still outside, looking around the house for specks
of dirt, she was a stickler for neatness.
“I want you to quickly follow the driver to Gina’s
place…tell her that I have been trying to call her to no avail and that I
need her to give you the new laptop my son sent to her. Tell her that I need to
use the laptop for Skype and I would return it tomorrow.”
“Yes ma…” I say in glee, so happy to be going to Gina’s
“Ehen…I have been meaning to ask….what was the issue
with you and that little girl at school?  Don’t tell me you didn’t want to board the
school bus.”
“No granny…na school bus I be wan follow ooo…but driver
talk say, no space so…I go beg de girl make I follow am drop for junction.” I
“Good English please…” Granny says to me.
I gulp, this is going to be difficult, I say to myself. “I
say that I see school bus and I be wan follow am….”
“No! Speak good English!” She commanded harshly. “My
daughter in-law can’t be paying school fees for nothing.
“Yes ma. I say that me ehn, I see the school bus and I….I”
I hook.
“I wanted to board it…” Granny supplied.
“Ehen…I wanted to board it but it haff full up.”
“It was filled up…”
“Yes ma, it was filled up so I say to small girl, come let us
journey to junction together.”
“Hmmm…you can’t be consuming such school fees and keep
speaking pidgin, for your information, this is the last time I ever want to
hear pidgin English from you.” Granny said and turned towards the house.
“Yes ma…” I say, uncertain of how to fully achieve that.
I quickly hop into the car and zoom out of the house with
the driver.
I arrived at Gina’s house in about thirty minutes and
entered the house perceiving a sweet aroma of stew. Suddenly, a middle aged man
walks into the sitting room and stares at me in surprise, Gina follows suit and
when she sees me, she’s alarmed.
“Senorita! You are here…” Gina says stupidly.
I instantly knew what was going on. The man was obviously
Gina’s boyfriend.
“Good afternoon sister Gina.” I say politely.
“How are you my dear, please meet my eer…junior pastor in
church.” Gina said quickly.
“You are welcome sir.” I say curtseying.
Gina arcs an eyebrow and stares at me in surprise.
“Senorita, are you okay? Is everything alright?”
“Yes sister, everything fine. I just want tell you what
Granny say I should tells you. She say you should given me the lap….laptop
her husband…I mean…ya husband send come from abroad.” I say with great
difficulty. Mastering the English language was not pot of beans.
“Okay my dear…I’ll get it for you.” Gina said quickly and
hurried off into the room to get the laptop. She emerged soon with it and
handed it over to me. “You see, Senorita dear, if granny asks what is going on
in my house, please tell her that I am alone….do you understand?”
“Ha! Me? Lie? Lai lai…I mean…I will never tell lie.
Granny don show me….sorry…granny hate lies.” I quickly say.
“C’mon…do it for me…I’ll give you whatever you want…”
Gina said to me.
“You fit tell granny say you want make I come back to dis
house?” I say in negotiation.
“Sure…if you promise to keep our end of the bargain.”

“Okay…”I say and hastily leave the house, happy that I was
going back to Gina’s in no time.


  1. I just don't understand why some ladies will accept to marry someone living faraway from them. Dear Gina's husband, don't be sad cos I am sure you are cheating on her too.I have a feeling that Senorita will use this her" Man friend "against her….lol

  2. I can't believe I spent over 4 hrs reading 'Senorita the Lagos Chick' Story….. Wow… U're just too talented @@Adaeze. I'm also done with Wife Material S1-S3 the last episode… Kudos


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