I got home soon enough and quickly dropped the bottle of
malt on the table before ‘our’ waiting guest.
“Get her a glass!” Gabriel ordered.
I hated the way he spoke to me these days, that was one of
the reasons I decided to fan the flames of the potbellied Oga Samson. I used to
like Gabriel a lot before and I even secretly had a crush on him but like all
my crushes, his, went down the hill. Gina had obviously left the house because
when I came back home from the supermarket, her car was no longer in the
compound and neither was she.

“Don’t worry Gabe…I’ll drink it from the bottle!” Splendour
I smiled to myself and taking my position beside my books, I
opened them to read but Gabriel’s voice stopped me.
‘How dare you balance in the palour like madam when a
visitor is around? Don’t you have respect?” He said to me.
I hiss and quickly pick up my books which I place inside my
bag and walk out of the sitting room. I had just reached the room where I slept
when I heard a loud scream from the sitting room, I muffle the laughter
building up within me but try as I may, I cannot suppress it, I soon release
the chuckle that I had been trying to suppress.
“Senorita!” Gabriel shouted as he hurried to my room.
I quickly slam my door shut and rush over to lie on my bed,
feigning sleep.
“Senorita! What did you put inside the drink you gave to
Splendour?” He asked as he barged into my room without even bothering to knock.
I close my eyes, still feigning sleep.
“Wake up now! Don’t tell me you slept in less than twenty
seconds because you just left the sitting room less than a minute ago.
Senorita!” He shouted at me.
I opened my eyes and looked at him, mirth still on my lips.
“What did you do?” He asked again in anger.
I smiled and sat up on the bed, staring at him seductively.
“Abeg…I wan sleep…I nor know wetin you dey talk …see as
everywhere come dey hot” I say I remove my blouse and throw it aside leaving my
bra to his full view. Gabriel’s eyes widen as he stares at me in undisguised craving.
I heard him shuffle his feet and soon, I heard the door
latch and his footsteps as he edged towards the bed. He was about coming closer
when a shrill voice came from outside the door.
“Gabriel! Gabriel have you dealt with her yet? I haven’t
heard you deal with her ooo…I just swallowed a cockroach ooo…” Splendour
shouted and coughed loudly desperately trying to cough out the cockroach from
her system.
“I am dealing with her my dear…I am dealing with her…”
Gabriel suddenly said and quickly ran to my wardrobe and begun hitting it hard
with his palms.
“I can’t hear her scream…I need to hear her scream…she is
not shouting at all. Gabriel are you sure that you are dealing with her?
Gabriel open this door!” Splendour said turning the knob of the door but since
it was latched, it didn’t open.
“Yes…yes…I am…” Gabriel said and whispering to me he says
quickly. “Scream as though you are in agony…please scream…” He said.
“I nor go shoutio! If you know say you go still dey bring
gials like Splendour come dis house, I nor go shout lai lai…” I say.
“Okay…I promise not to bring any girl to this house again…”
He said quickly.
“Hmmm…okay…” I say and soon, break out into loud cries of, ‘Yeepka
Gabriel don finish my life ooo…abeg abeg I nor go do am again…abegi ooo…” I
“Why is the door locked though?” Splendour asked.
“I don’t want you to get in here because if you do, I’m
afraid of what the two of you would do to each other. Please give me a moment, I’ll
deal with her severely.”
“Anyway, I’ll be back, let me quickly go to the pharmacy
down the road to get some purging medicine…” Splendour said through the door. “Please
do not relent in treating that girl’s madness…” She said and left.
“Don’t worry, I will…” Gabriel said.
As soon as we heard her footsteps leave the door, Gabriel said
“What are you waiting for? I can’t have hit that wardrobe door
with my palms for nothing…oya quick quick…let’s get down before she comes back.”
He says.

I smile seductively and launching myself into his arms, I
say in my head ‘Na Senorita get dis house ooo…from sister Gina to broda
Gabriel, na Senorita get dem all, full stop!’



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