The bang at the door
threw us apart, Solo jumped up from the bed and started whimpering;
“Trials and
The knock gradually
increased and it was obvious that more hands had been added.
“Brother Solomon,
please open the door.”

That was the pastor’s
“We don die
ehhhh…” I whistled silently though disappointed that we haven’t finished
business before they came calling.
“I told you pastor,
I told you that Senorita is up to no good. How long will it take them to open
the door?” Theresa’s voice was heard from behind the door.
I quickly threw my
clothes on and watched as Solo hastily opened the Bible and placed it at the centre
of the bed.
By the time we opened
the door, three people faced us squarely. The pastor, his wife and Theresa,
Theresa walked into the room first, sniffing around like a dog.
“Brother Solomon
and sister Senorita what took you so long in opening the door?” The pastor
“We were
praying…” Solo replied in a shaky voice.
Theresa glared at him
like a cat, she took in his appearance from his head to his toes.
“Where is your
belt?” Theresa asked still staring at him.
belt err…I…the room was hot so I removed it.”
“The room was hot?
This room is not hot, Solomon this room is not hot.” Theresa shouted.
“Keep quiet
Theresa, Solomon is a very responsible man, he must have been really hot and
instead of removing his shirt like most men would do, he undid his belt.”
The pastor replied while staring at me. “Senorita!”
“Sir!” I
“What has Brother
Solomon been teaching you? I see that the Bible is open on the bed. What
passage is that?” The pastor asked.
ehhh…Isaiah.” Solo replied hastily.
The pastor’s wife walked
towards the bed and peered at the passage.
“How come the book
of Kings is open then?” The pastor’s wife asked.
“Oh yes…Book of
Kings errrr…” Solo stammered.
“What verse were
you teaching?” The pastor’s wife asked.
Kings…errr…I mean second Kings.” Solo stuttered.
I decided to help Solo out.
“Na de place wia
King full ground…dat place wia na only kings you go dey see for inside Bible.
De place wia God tell king make dem comot for Israel go to Egypt.” I
“Excuse me? What
are you saying?” The pastor asked me.
“No…that’s not
what she’s…I mean err…” Solo stammered.
“Solomon, I do not
know you as a stammerer…and I do not want to believe that you have not been
doing what you were asked to do…”The pastor started.
“What is
this?” Theresa asked pointing at something beside the bed.
Solo gasped and I stared
at the item. It was his boxers! Theresa walked over to pick it up.
“What is this
Solomon? Your boxers?”
“Na me get
am.” I chirp in.
Henrietta! I bought you most of your supplies and I can’t remember getting you
boxers.” Theresa said.
“Na only you dey
bring supply come? Na me get am jare.” I say and walk over to snatch it
from her.
“No! Solomon please
pull down your trousers…we need to see if it’s yours or hers. I’m sure that
you wore boxers to church today.” Theresa said.
“It hasn’t gotten
to that Theresa…why do you want to embarrass him? I trust Solomon. He has
been a model since he joined our church.” The pastor said.
“Thank you sir for
your…trust. I beg to take my leave now.” Solo said in a shaky voice.
“Why? You obviously
haven’t finished your lessons with Senorita.” Theresa said in a smirk.
“I will continue
another day. I just remembered that I have an appointment.” Solo said and
quickly dashed out the room.
The pastor and his wife
followed suit leaving Theresa alone with me.
“Don’t think I was
fooled, I know you guys were up to something.” Theresa said.
“Ehen? True talk be
say, Oga solo like me well well and very soon we go marry, leave una comot from
dis church. “
“You are mad.”
“Na ya mama wey don
craze for village. Na she u dey curse so.” I hurl at her.

Theresa rushed up at me
and pushed me to the ground. I jumped up immediately and caught hold of her
shirt and tore it in two. There and then, our fight began.


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