The side glance that Chi gave
me had no comparison, she eyed me ‘up, down and up again’ before exiting the room like an angry viper!
I quickly struggled to my feet
and wobbled my way out of the room fast on Chi’s heels. We got into the car and
I sat at the back seat with Chi, all the while, trying to avoid her piercing
stares, it was like she was saying ‘if you try any rubbish ehn…’
I quickly adjusted my short
dress and clamped my mouth short as I prepared for the ride. The car was cold
and comfortable and I immediately felt the urge to sleep, the car sofa was
comfy and the interior of the car was fit for queens and princesses.
I yawned and stretched, darting
a quick glance at Chi to be sure that she wasn’t looking at me. Slowly, I snuggled deep into the leather seats and slept peacefully.
I had a long dream, I was at
standing at the side of my house in the village. My mother was as usual seated beside the fire and blowing the flames to life. I was waiting for someone, and
when I saw him, I ran into his arms. It was Mike, my boyfriend from my
secondary school years. We chatted although I couldn’t place a finger on what
we were talking about then suddenly, it began to rain and a huge stream rushed
in from nowhere and drifted us apart. That was when I heard my voice, I was
calling to him and telling him that I was going to return but the sad look in
his eyes made me wonder what I had done.
While I was still wandering in
my dream, I felt a huge knock on my head.
“Will you wake up? You this
bush thing!” Chi spat spitefully.
I opened my eyes and stared
around, trying to understand where I was. The car had stopped and I could see
Chi’s eyes glare at me.
“Ahh…we don reach?” I asked.
“Ewww…what’s that smell? Don’t
tell me you didn’t brush your teeth before leaving the house?” Chi contorted
her nose distastefully.
One thing I hated in my life
was to be labeled for bad odour or foul smells and now, as I stared at Chi, I
felt my anger build.
“Wetin you mean? Wet…wetin…you
mean by dat kain yarn.” I stammered. Whenever I am angry, I stammer badly.

“Who are you giving attitude
ehn? You this smelly pig!” Chi said.
“You don wash ya nyash? If you
don wash am…why e dey smell like dat shit wey don tey for soak away!” I
retorted. Chi didn’t necessarily smell, as madame made sure that her girls were
up to par but her insults were driving me crazy, I really needed to touch her
kolo button.
“What did you just say?” Chi
asked, not believing that I had just said.
“See you…ashewo kobo kobo…u dey
fear say, if I enter dia, I go catch man wey go marry me even sef carry me go
London. All dis ya hustle nor dey pay, you hia?” I spat.
Chi threw a huge dirty slap at
my cheek and I felt my skin crack, I tore at her and let my teeth sink into her
flesh. We both struggled like wild animals, grunting and groaning, at the back
seat of the car. The driver was not in the car, he had obviously gone out. I
tore Chi’s bra and ripped her jumpsuit while Chi did the same with my dress. In
no time we were both stripped to our undies and full of fresh cuts and bruises.
I couldn’t explain the kind of anger I felt at that moment, I beat Chi till I
didn’t hear a sound from her anymore. Then, I realized that she had passed out.
Beating my chest proudly, I said;
“Na Senorita you wan try abi.
Senorita wey don fight for village, for Janet face me I face you house and even
sef for prison…we go see who be who for hia today.” I quickly wiped the trickle
of blood that was oozing down the side of my face.
Suddenly, I heard Madame’s
voice outside the car and froze, she was talking to someone.
“Yes…yes…I brought the best of
my girls for tonight. Hmmm…I can see that the party is filled with important
personalities.” Madame purred.
“Well…this is the first
gathering of the year and all our members are in attendance. I hope you met our
requirements and brought ten of your girls.” The man said.
“Ohh…I am sorry, I couldn’t, I
brought only two girls and because I am dedicated to giving you my very best,
I came to supervise them. You know…just to be sure that between them, they have
atleast five men each.” Madame supplied.
“That’s not a good deal…I
thought I specifically told you ten girls. The other establishment brought five girls
and I was hoping to add your girls to their number plus the random girls who
were invited to the party.” The man said, sounding disappointed.
“If you see these girls…you
will be wowed! I mean, they are beautiful, hot and very sweet. You can
practically eat them once you set your sight on them. I know the kind of girls
I train and I am sure that you will not regret having them here tonight.”
Madame said with a low laugh.
“It’s alright, let’s just hope
that the director doesn’t grab the two of them at once for the night or else…”
“Don’t worry…” Madame assured
him, then to the driver, she said “Abdul, come and open the door and let the
girls come out from the car. They are queens and should be treated as such. I wonder why they haven’t come out of the car since you
I turned to look at Chi who was
starting to foam at the mouth and I shook in fear. This was it! Madame was
going to kill me.

The door to the car slowly
opened and Madame’s gasp said it all.

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