I had no place to go. I didn’t
even have a pin to call my own except for the clothes on my back and Rose’s
bathroom slippers on my feet. It was a dark night and I just realized the
luxury I had been enjoying in the Boss’s house. Slowly, I walked away from the
huge mansion that had been my home for some days and found myself heading
towards the main road. It was when people screamed at me and a loud car horn
honked that I realized that I was on the road and not on the pedestrian side of
the road.

“Comot dia…you dis moron!” The
driver spat at me as he zoomed off.
“Which kain craze pesin be dis?
Abi you wan die?” One woman said to me as she stood near her wares at the road
“Dis one way you dey waka
kurukere for road, wia you dey go so?” Another woman asked me.
“Madam…I nor get wia I dey go
ooo.” I said quietly, staring at the woman with teary eyes.
“Na who you dey cry for? Lagos
never do you something! I resemble ya mama?” The woman said while sending me
unsympathetic stares.
“I dey find wia I go fit
sleep…” I said.
One of the women opened her
mouth wide and said, “Come sleep for inside my mouth.”
Two women standing at the side
of the road laughed, one man shook his head pitifully at me.
“Na wah for una women ooo…una
nor fit helep yaself.” The man said to the women.
We were all standing at the
side of the road, while some buses were calling out their destinations.
“Abegi jare….Lagos tough ooo
nor be small thing! Nor be only dis girl waka come…if she nor get wia to sleep,
make she go under bridge.” One of the women said.
“Sister, wia you dey go?” The
man asked me.
“Thank you sir, you too good.
Abeg I nor get wia to go, I fit sleep for ya house? I swear say tomorrow before
six knack, I for don comot.” I begged.
“Ahhh…dat one nor fit happen
ooo…you want make my wife kee me? I fit give you money for transport…find
somewhere go.” The man said as he dipped his hand into his pocket and brought
out crumpled naira notes.
I received the money from him
with thanks and stared at him with pitiful eyes hoping that he would change his
mind and take me home. But he didn’t, I was still contemplating on where to go
when I heard a bus conductor call out a familiar area. ‘Yes! I knew where it
Quickly, I chased the bus down
and got in, the bus galloped on the uneven roads and after a while we got to
our destination. Everywhere still looked familiar as I made my way through the
streets. I reached the small gate to the house and felt the wave of nostalgia,
it had seemed like ages ago since I left this place. I make my way into the
house and stop to knock at the door to the one roomed apartment. The compound
was unusally quiet, it didn’t use to be this silent when I was living there. As
soon as I tapped at the door I heard a muffled sound, I rapped again and this
time I heard a short moan.
“Who be dat?” The voice asked
“Na me…na ya sister.” I
“I nor get sister, I nor even
get family for hia. Who you be? Wetin be ya name?” The voice shouted from
inside the room.
“Janet, na me, Senorita!” I
As soon as I mentioned my name
it was as if noise resumed in the compound, suddenly, doors opened and heads
peeked out of different rooms. I heard voices say,
“Na Senorita? She don come
back? Wetin she dey do for hia na?”
The door opened and I saw a
very disheveled looking Janet stare at me through tired and lazy eyes, the door
opened wider and I could see a man lying on the bed in the room.
“Wait ooo…wetin you dey do for
hia? Wia you dey since…?” Janet asked.
“Na long tory…abeg make I enter
room.” I say.
“Enter wia? Room nor fit
contain us ooo…I don marry.” Janet proclaimed.
“Chei…congrats ooo.” I switch
to my native tongue. “Why didn’t you inform me?” I asked her in our language.
“Abeg speak wetin pesin fit
hear. “ Janet said to me.
“You nor invite me, why na?” I
asked, changing to pidgin.
“Nor be big ceremony. Na
village we go, my husband carry wine go meet my papa.” Janet said.
“Ehnnn…una go village? E don
tey ooo…how everybody na? You see my mama? How she dey? My brodas nko?”
“Ya mama nor dey use leg waka
again, na persin put charm tie am for village.” Janet said dispassionately.
I start wailing, my loud cries
draw attention to me as tenants from all the rooms come out.
“Abeg nor dey cry for hia. Why
you find me come.” Janet asked.
“I dey waka pass de area, na e
carry me come.”
“Okay…bye bye..” Said Janet.
“Abeg Janet, make I sleep for
ya room for today, I wan hear everything about village. I want make you yarn me
about my mama.”
“I don talk am finish…ya mama
dey for village, she dey sick. She talk say make you go see am before she die…”
I fall to the ground in tears, I
couldn’t believe what Janet was telling me. ‘This wasn’t what I dreamt of. This
wasn’t my plan when I was coming to Lagos. I had hoped that I would drive into
the village with my new car or even with millions of naira in my pocket.

“Senorita! Why? You come Lagos
to hammer ooo! You nor come to dey do waka waka!” I cry harder as I pity



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