“So…show us ya skills…abi you
wan catch man?” The third woman who had introduced herself as Abrebo said to me.
I smile shyly, happy that I had
convinced them to help me and batted my lids in a furious manner.
“See dis block head ooo…who you
dey close and open eye for? Abi you don high?” The woman on the bed said to me in
“Na dat skills I know na…” I
blush shyly.
“Oya make you nor waste our time
at all…Abrebo do quick show am some skills, I wan make we go visit Basi for
center today.” The woman on the bed said.
That was when we got to work, I
listened raptly and paid attention to everything they taught me, it was no easy
feat as I had to walk differently, talk differently and even laugh in a mildly
seductive manner. After the long hours of teaching, I was sent back to my room
as soon as Abrebo and her mates saw that Oga Fredo had arrived.
“Oya dey goo…e just return.”
Abrebo said to me.
“How you take know?” I asked her still enjoying my teaching class.
“I see am for window, e just
enter inside compound now…” Abrebo said gesturing to the window.
“Okay…I thank una ooo…God go
bless una nor be small…” I say in gratitude and zoom off.
I enter the room as Oga Fredo
pulls his shirt off his head, he turns to look at me and murmur.
“You nor cook? You comot leave
door open sef.” He said to me.
I throw him a seductive glance
and went to work, I walked, I talked and even laughed seductively all to catch
his interest but he threw me uninterested glances and ignored my flirts. After
thirty minutes of trying to hard to no avail, I knew I needed help so, I ran
out of the room and headed towards Abrebo and her mates room. Knocking hastily
I didn’t wait for their response before barging in, thankfully the door wasn’t
“Who be dat?” One of the women
They all turned to stare at me
in alarm, they were already dressed to go out and I was happy that I had caught
them at the right time. Falling desperately on my knees, I begged.
“Abeg…make una helep me…dis one
pass me ooo…” I cry.
“Wetin happen?” They asked.
“Na Oga Fredo ooo…I nor know
wetin dey do dat man. I don dey do everything wey una tell me, I even do extra
join am, but he nor look me, him face be like moi moi.” I say.
“Shio…dis one serious ooo…how
man go fit see woman wey fine like you and thruway eye. Dis one na serious
gbege.” Said one of the women. “Make I tell you wetin you go do…” She said to
me and pulling me closer, she whispered into my ears.
My eyes lit up in delight,
finally! I thought to myself, ‘this na how I go catch Janet man, once and for
all.’ Dashing out of their room in speed that even shocked me, I ran back into
the room I shared with Janet. Oga Fredo was already asleep, he was lying on his
back and snoring quite loudly. Not wasting anytime, I stripped myself bare and
quickly began to do the same to him, I had already gone quite far before he
opened his eyes, it was then that I saw…something that I had missed all these
while I was in Janet’s house. It was surprising yet not so surprising at
the same time, I was numb as I stared and he stared too…my mouth was dry. Oga
Fredo dared me with his eyes and my eyes looked at him in terror, my hand flew
to my mouth and that was when I realized that this was the reason, I had never
seen him and Janet in action during the night-times.

His manhood was gone!
“I beg, Oga Fredo I nor go tell anybody wetin I see…I swear!” As I licked my fingers and raised them to the air.
“Lai lai…so you want make I leave you abi! You and ya sister Janet na de same kain pesin. When Janet dey chase me ehn…e be like say I be cat and she be dog…but when she see say my manhood nor dey again, she want run comot. Na so I tie am down with marriage…so ya own go be de same, you must marry me…weda you like am or not!” Oga Fredo said menacingly.
“Chei…wetin carry me come Janet house ooo…Senorita! Why you nor fit mind ya business ehn? My mama dey talk am ooo…she talk say, na my long throat go kee me…chaii…” I cry in regret.
“We go wait for Janet to return….na dat time we go discuss how I go take marry you.” He said to me.
“But…you don get one wife na…two wife na double trouble ooo! Oga Fredo I take God beg you…make I even pack my load comot from dis house…I go even disappear join am sef…” I cry.
“My policy be say, once woman don see my body, she must marry me. Atleast wen I marry you, you nor go run mouth like tap wia oda people dey. You nor go fit open mouth tell people say, ya husband no get manhood but if I leave you, na you get ya mouth.” He said to me.
“Ahh…Oga Fredo…God forbid say I go talk dat kain nonsense…” I cry.
We are interrupted as the door opens to reveal Janet, she comes into the room and stares at us quietly then after a while, she bursts out in laughter.
“Ehhhh…Senorita! God don catch you…I know say you must fall, na wetin make I comot for dis house…abi you don belle full?” Janet clutched her stomach as she laughed hard.
“Ahhhh…Janet why you nor tell me na? Why?” I cry.
“I wan make you join me na…you think say I nor see as ya eye dey shook for Oga Fredo body? You don get ya punishment ooo…Oga Fredo must marry you as wife number two. Welcome to the club!” She said to me as she fell to the ground in laughter.
I stared about helpless, why must I jump from one trouble to another?


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