I had just finished a large plate of meal and I was happy to
have found a place to stay. I heard when Nkiru told Stella that she had a space
in her house for me and I was super grateful. 

Stella left the house after
chatting idly with her friend for over two hours and before she left, she warned
her friend about trusting strangers and that she should be sure that I was
really heaven-sent and not the other way round. 
Nkiru allayed her fears by saying
that ‘good things come to good people’ and that she was sure that I am good
that’s why she found me.
Nkiru showed me to her children’s room where she said I’d
been sleeping on the small mat at the corner. For all I cared, I didn’t mind if
I slept on thorns as long as I never stepped foot in granny’s house again.
I had just finished helping out at the kitchen and we
quickly had lunch before Nkiru told me to accompany her to pick her kids up at
I gladly obliged besides I was tired of staying in the house. I got
into her mini van and off we went to the school to pick up her kids. 
We had
just picked up her four children when she told me that her husband’s child
who lived with her mother was coming over to spend sometime with them and that
we had to pick her up too.
 What could it hurt? I told myself as we drove down
the road but something snapped in me as we neared a particular street and the
street was all too familiar. It was then I realized that we were heading
towards the primary school Gina had enrolled me in, a school where granny had
come to pick me up once before. I swallowed the bile in my throat and quickly
broke out in sweat, I closed my eyes and prayed, something I rarely ever did. 
We stopped at the school and I bent my head towards the dash
board, hoping that no one recognizes me and that Nkiru’s step-daughter was
a baby in kindergarten or a girl who didn’t know me. Soon I heard footsteps
approach the car and a young girl yell.
“Good afternoon ma!” The girl greeted Nkiru, standing at the
driver’s window side.
“Hey dearie…you don’t look so bad for a girl that just
turned eight.” Nkiru said to the girl.
My head was still bent towards the dashboard as I didn’t
want to look to see who the girl was and if I knew her or not.
“Nope I don’t. So, is daddy throwing me a party at home as
he promised?” The girl asked with a giggle.
“Why don’t we see what plans he has in store for you when we
get home?” Nkiru said.
The girl rounded the car and stopped at the front passenger
seat where I sat, the windows were wound down so she could see me clearly.
“Who is she?” The girl asked.
“Oh…it’s a long story dear.” Nkiru said, then addressing
me she said. “Senorita, what are you looking for with your head bent down like
that? Look up. Say hello to Oge.” She said to me.
I looked up, turned to stare at the girl and froze, she
was actually my classmate.
“Señorita!” The girl screamed.
“Do you know her?”

“Yes, she is in my class…her granny came to look for her at school today and
said that anyone that knows of her whereabouts should contact the police. Her
granny is scared that she’s been kidnapped.” Oge said.
“Oh my God!” Nkiru said in alarm.

I sat there blinking my eyes rapidly as though there was
pepper in it.
To be continued…



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