“Did you get it?” Granny asked me as soon as I walked into
the house.
“Yes ma…e dey for inside motor…driver talk say him wan
bring am himself.” I reply.
“Are you mad?” She asked.
“Ma? I talk wetin dey vex you? Make I go bring am?” I ask.
“What did I tell you about speaking Pidgin English?” Granny

“I nor fit to dey yarn correct grammar…dat thing too
hard….” I say stubbornly.
“What has gotten into you?” Granny asked looking at me.
I scratch my head and looked at the ground, I had quickly
made up my mind in the car that I was returning to Gina’s house today whether
granny liked it or not. Besides, Gina had promised to take me back home, so,
Granny really had no say.
“You wan talk say I be witch? Which one be, what don get
into me?” I ask.
“Get out of my sight this instant!” Granny screamed at me.
“Nor dey shout for my head abeg! Anyway, sister Gina dey
come carry me today…yes…she dey come today.” I say and storm into my room
waiting for Gina to come.
Three hours later, after I had slept to my fill and hunger
had almost destabilized me, I emerge from the room and head to the sitting
room. I refuse to be caught unawares like the last time as I shuddered in remembrance
of my ordeal in granny’s kitchen.
I saw granny in the sitting room chatting with a middle aged
“Good evening…”I greeted.
The woman answered me but Granny didn’t reply.
“Granny…I wan use ya fone call sister Gina…I wan make
she come carry me…” I say.
To my surprise, Granny took her phone, dialled Gina’s number
and handed it over to me once it had started ringing.
“Good evening ma…” Sister Gina greeted.
“Sister Gina…” I say, once she answered the call.
“Señorita, what are you doing with my mother in law’s phone?”
“I wan make you come carry me…” I said.
“What? Is granny aware of this?”
“Dat one nor consign me again….abeg come carry me…sharp
“Errr…is granny there?”
“She dey…”
“Could you give her the phone?”
I handed the phone over to granny who placed it against her
ear and silently listened to what Gina had to say, after Gina was done talking,
Granny said.
“Please come this evening.”
I whopped for joy and hurried into my room in glee as I
quickly packed up my clothes and loaded it into the small bag I had brought. I
was already salivating as I remembered the aroma of food that Gina had been
cooking at her place when I went there this afternoon.
An hour later, Granny called out my name and I rushed out of
my room, Gina was in the sitting room and I smiled at her.
“Senorita, did Gina tell you that she was coming to get you
today?” Granny asked me.
I stared at her in confusion and turned to look at Gina.
“I see am today for house, she talk say she go come carry
me.” I reply.
“Really?” Granny asked.
“No mom…I never said that…I just commented that I was
happy that she was helping you out and…” Gina started.
I couldn’t wait for her to finish.
“Heeehhhh sister Gina, you dey lie oooo…so u sure say you
nor tell me say you go come carry me?”
“That’s preposterous! I never said anything like that!” Gina
“So if I call ya junior pastor come, he go tell me say you
nor talk anything like dat?” I ask.
“What junior pastor?” Granny asked.
“E get one man wey I see for sister Gina house dis
afternoon…she talk say na im junior pastor for church and she talk say if I
nor open mouth tell you say junior pastor come her house, she go carry me comot
for dis place.” I say.

The look on Gina’s face was epic!



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