My new name is Charity, I didn’t really attach so much
importance to the name but one thing was certain, I wouldn’t be Charity for
much longer. Senorita was no ordinary name and soon, I’ll make sure that Jide
and Rose will refer to me as that.
“Charity! Small Boss dey call you.” Rose said to me in
I didn’t know why she hated me even after shooing me out of
the kitchen on several occasions when I tried to lend her a hand. After the eggs
sauce incident which had prompted the small boss to summon us, Rose has
regarded me as a mortal enemy. You see, Rose is a perfectionist. She wanted
everything she did to be always right and never wrong. She had bragged to me on
different occasions that she was the bosses’ favourite and she wasn’t ready to
let me take over her role anytime soon. Rose was such a boaster and a very
proud one at that.
“Make sure you change that ya cloth before you go see small
boss ooo.” Rose warned me.
I look at her and almost hiss, believe it or not, she was my
saving grace. If not for her intervention some days ago when Madame’s men almost
caught up with me, I probably wouldn’t have lived to tell my story. The dress I
was a fresh reminder of the encounter that I had had. The short dress hugged my
figure in tempting ways and my boobs spilled out through the v-necked of the
dress and my hips hung out on the side. Rose wanted me to wear some rags that
she had picked up from the roadside, they were ugly dresses with the worst
lengths. One was almost sweeping the ground while the others were way-past my
“Wear de long dress…I dey go inside kitchen, make sure say I
see you before you go see small Boss.” She ordered. “I wonder why he dey find
you sef.” She hissed and left the room.
I watched her small annoying frame as she left the room and
let out all the pent up hisses I had stored up inside.
“Who be dis sef? Na my new madam? Abeg hold ya own for dia
jare.” I said to myself as I stared at the dresses in disgust.
How could I go and greet the small boss looking like a
disaster? I asked myself in disbelief. Suddenly, an idea occurred to me and I
knew what I was to do. Immediately I wore one of the ugliest dresses on top of
the gown I was wearing and left the room. I had just got to the kitchen door
when I heard Rose and Jide engrossed in a conversation.
“This Charity girl, I nor trust am ooo.” Rose was saying.
“Wetin you mean?” Jide asked.
“Hmmm…I don dey dream plenty dream for her head ooo…dat girl
no waka well.”
“Shebi na for backyard we see am. Nor be you yarn say she be
Big boss new girl.”
“I know…but I don remember say, Big boss talk say, he go
bring Charity come from village by himself. Now wetin I dey ask myself na, how
de girl locate dis place for Lagos? If she come from village ehn, who give am
“Na de question wey you for ask yaself tey tey be dis ooo.
Rose…if you ask me ehn, make we chase dis gial comot from hia.”
“What if she be de real Charity nko? Wetin we go tell Big
boss?” Rose asked.
“That one go be Big boss problem, we go tell am say, we send
am go market and we never see am since.”
“Dis na true talk you yarn so, Jide.” Rose nodded in
“If you gree ehn…dis night, wen small Boss don sleep make we
chase am comot for hia. Me dey even think say, dat girl no be de Charity wey
big boss dey talk about.”
They were still there hurdled together when I walked in and
presented myself to them, they startled immediately I walked in and changed the
topic not knowing that I had heard everything.
“Na now you look like better pesin.” Said Jide nodding in approval.
I nod in response and after presenting myself to Rose’s
scrutiny, I go to the small Boss’s quarters while laughing at their plans
against me.
“Dem never see dog wey turn to fish before!” I said to
myself while chuckling, “I go show dem say, Senorita nor dey play at all.”
As soon as I entered the main house, I shed myself of the
hideous clothing that I had worn on top of my skimpy gown and made my way to
the small boss’s suite.
The door to the suite was closed so I knocked. I heard a
gruff voice within and I opened the door and entered the room. My hips swung
from left to right, swaying in rhythm to my movements, I couldn’t let anything
stop me from realizing my dreams.
Small boss was lying on his bed, he regarded me with a very
hooded gaze and I was so happy that he loved what he saw. I had heard from Rose
that he was the heir to the fortune of his father and that his family’s money
was so much. This is where Senorita would make her mark once and for all, I
thought as I made my way towards the bed.
“Stop there!” He commanded,
“Yes sir!” I replied and stopped.
“I hear that your name is Charity and you are here because
of my father…” The small boss said.
“Yes sir…but Charity nor be my only name…my name na also …”
I start but I’m cut short my small Boss.
“I really don’t need explanations…” He started and ran his
eyes on my body, staring pointedly at my breasts.
I chest out further, the hustle was real. This wasn’t going
to be my first time snagging a man and it wouldn’t be my last.
“Abi make I lock door?” I asked the small boss in a low
His gaze said it all, as I hurried to the door and locked it
with a smile on my face.

“Rose think say na she be favourite…I go show am say, khaki
pass leather for dis hustle game.” I said to myself as I ran to jump on the



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