Granny looked at me, we were both sitting at the dinning,
eating dinner and I knew that punishment waited me.
“Señorita!” She called.
“Ma…” I replied. Since we got back home, she hadn’t as
much as spoken a word to me.
“Get me a bottle of water from the fridge…” She said to

I nod quietly and walk towards the fridge, my legs wobbled
in fear as I knew that she could do something to hurt me. I opened the fridge
door and brought out the bottle of water and took it to the table. As soon as I
dropped it before her, I fell on my knees.
“Granny…I wan confess…” I say.
“Confess to what?” She asked me.
“I wan go my house…” I say.
Granny looked at me and heaved a deep sigh.
“Finish your food…” She said to me.
I eye the food just the way I had been eyeing it for the
past fifteen minutes, I knew that granny was up to no good and her niceness to
me was just a fluke. I was afraid that the food could be laced with poison.
“Granny e nor gree me chop…” I say.
“Then permit me to finish my dinner before telling me
anything.” She said.
I nod quietly and sat down, looking at my feet and wondering
if I would be alive to see the next morning. Soon, Granny finished with her
food and I cleared the dishes, as soon as I was done washing them, I walked up
to the sitting room.
“Ma…” I started, standing before her.
Granny was lounging on the sofa, watching television.
“Sit down Senorita…” She said to me.
“Thanks ma…” I said, sitting down on the sofa.
“What do you have to say?”
I opened my mouth to speak and real tears escaped my eyes, I
couldn’t hold them back no matter how I tried.
“Ma…I wan go village….Lagos don tire me…ma.” I said
choking on a sob.
“Ma, na only transport I need but I nor wan dis Lagos again.
I don think am….dis Lagos never helep me since I come hia…” I say in tears.
“Even my sister Janet leave Lagos comot…”
“Senorita….can you count how many people you’ve helped destabilize
their lives?” Granny asked me, looking into my eyes.
I look at my hands and shake my head.
“You have stayed with my daughter in law for months and
stayed with me for barely three weeks and there’s no single good thing that we
can say about you. You ran away from my house and went over to that lady…what’s
her name? Nkiru, and you almost destroyed her home…”
“I dey sorry ma…” I cry.
“Señorita, are you possessed?”
“Me ke? God forbid!”
“Then why don’t you want to help yourself? Will your going
back to the village solve anything for you?” She asked.
I stare at my fingers.
“When did you come to Lagos?”
“E don reach three years ma…”
“How old are you now?”
My age is something I vowed never to divulge but somehow,
granny had a way of bringing out the truth from my mouth.
“Twenty five ma…”
“You are twenty five? And you’re acting like a child? You
even have a small stature and could pass for a girl of seventeen! Do you know
what? If you want to leave Lagos, fine but I want you to go and sit down and
think of everyone you’ve ever offended. Think of everyone you’ve caused some kind
of problem to and come up with their names, if possible write them down. Bring
them to me when you are done.”
It was a tough assignment but anything it takes to get out
granny out of my hair would do, so I got up and thanked her.
“I need the list by tomorrow morning….” Granny said to me.

As I left her sitting room, I felt a bit relieved, I quietly
went to my room and searched for a pen and with my weak spelling skills, I
began to scribble down names.
To be continued next week….

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  1. I hope this development brings about change in her life.
    I mean, I recognize that the evildoer should be punished but it's more important to me that he or she changes for the better. I like this slant Adaeze.


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