Knock! Knock! Knock!
We both looked at the door as though on cue, we had just gotten started but stopped as soon as we heard the knock. Gabriel placed
his finger against his lips signaling that we both shush up.
“Gabriel! Open dis door now!” Gina shouted.
“My sister…it’s my sister!” Gabriel whispered in fright as
he jumped from the bed and began to struggle into his clothes.
“Are you sure they are in there?” Gina asked someone.

“Yes…as soon as I drank the malt, Gabriel rushed in to beat
her up and I left the house, only to see you drive in.” Splendid said.
Gabriel closed his eyes in fear, he was shaky as a leaf.
“Senorita!” Gina called out.
“Ma…” I reply as I quickly put on my clothes and struggle
towards the door.
“What’s going on in there? How long will it take the two of
you to open this door?” Gina shouted.
Gabriel yanked the door open and stared at his sister and
his girlfriend, they were both eyeing him suspiciously.
“What are you doing in there with the door locked?” Gina
asked questioningly.
“Oh…I was beating her up!” Gabriel answered, adopting a calm
“Really? With what?” Gina asked.
Gabriel looked around and pointed at a belt at the corner of
the room.
“How come I don’t see any belt marks on her body? Infact
Senorita doesn’t look like one who has suffered a beating and all the while I
entered the house and walked to her room door, I heard nothing but the bed
creak…” Gina accused.
“Hey!!! Gabriel! Gabe! So…you look me finish, carry dis pig
join body abi?” Splendid said switching to Pidgin English.
“Me? God forbid! How would you say that? You insult me…”
Gabriel said in anger.
“Really? Then what were you both doing in there?” Splendid
“Nothing! I was beating her up! That’s all…” Gabriel
“Swear it! Swear that you didn’t touch her…swear it…”
Splendid said.
I looked at Gabriel, wondering if he would swear or not and
was shocked to see him quickly dip his finger in his mouth and raise it to the
“I swear with my life…I never touched Senorita!” Gabriel
“Heyyyyyy…na lie ooo!” I shout and jump up and down.
“What do you mean by that? Did I touch you? Did I?” Gabriel
glared at me.
“Heyyyyyy….you dey lie ooo….Gabriel…you wey don off shirt
and pull pant before dem come…” I say shouting aloud and jumping up and down.
Gina was stunned, she kept staring at me and at my legs,
while Splendour screamed and attacked Gabriel.
“This is not a boxing ring! Stop it!” Gina screamed.
Splendour pushed Gabriel and stared at me, panting
like a dog.
“Senorita, how come your legs got better?” Gina asked me
with a straight face.
“My kini?” I asked stupidly.
“Senorita, you were just jumping about right now and all the
while you’ve been claiming that the epileptic attack you suffered, had affected your
movements. Senorita!” Gina said accusingly.
“I don heal ooo…”I say quickly ready to dancing in testimony as I realized that I had burst
my bubble.
“She has been deceiving us! Senorita so, you have been deceiving
us all these while…” Gabriel said, so anxious to redirect the heat to me.
“Shut up Gabriel! I’ll address these issues later, right
now, Senorita, you are coming with me. My mother-in-law just came into Lagos
after receiving treatment at a hospital at the USA, she needs help and I want
you to go and stay with her for a week. I’ll call your school so that they can
figure out how to have the school bus pick you up for school on a daily basis.”
Gina said. “Go inside, pack up some of your clothes and let’s go! I’ll deal
with your sorry ass later, oh my God! To think that I let you fool me to believing
that I caused your limp…when you return from mama’s place…I’ll deal with you…that’s
a promise.” Gina said.

I escape into my room and begin to pack my clothes.
“I sha hope say dem get light and television for dat mama house ooo…I hope say nor be suffer suffer dem wan carry pesin do for dia…” I mutter under my breath.



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