As soon as the door opened we froze and turned to look, it was Onochie. We released the pent-up breath that we had been holding for quite a while.
“Onochie!” Oga Fredo started.
“Wetin una dey do with una self?” Onochie asked, mischief twinkling in his eyes.
“Abeg nor tell Janet, abeg…” I pleaded.
Onochie caressed his beard under-growth with his greedy little hands and entered the room, shutting the door behind him.
“Na when I see say Janet don go market ehn, my mind come tell me say, una two go dey do like pussy cat together.” Onochie said so pleased that he had us at the tip of his palm.
“No be wetin you tink.” I said quietly.
“No be you again? You don thief Shade man finish? Everybody know you for we yard. Janet na mugu ooo…so she allow make you stay for her house ehn? Even now wey she don marry.” Onochie said.
“Onochie wetin you dey do for hia? You nor fit knock?” Oga Fredo thundered.
“Hey you…just shat ap for dia you hia me so? You dey run mouth like tap…who you think go fear you? I don get wetin I go use hook una. But err…I nor go talk, just find me five hundred naira make I go wash mouth. Nothing don enter dis belle today at all.” Onochie said smacking his lips.
“I nor get…” Oga Fredo said.
“Wetin you mean? Abeg make una hustle find me something jare…” Onochie started.
At that moment, we heard Janet’s voice outside, she was talking to one of the neighbours about having forgotten something in the house. Immediately, Oga Fredo dipped his hand into his pocket and brought out a one thousand naira note which he gave to Onochie.
“Chai…so u even get 1k…you nor be better pesin ooo.” Onochie said.
Janet entered the house and stared at everyone suspisciously except her husband who she had a smile reserved.
“Wetin dey happen for hia? Senorita, why you dey stand for my husband back?” Janet inquired.
“Ahhhh which back? No be for my front Senorita dey stand?” Onochie said allaying Janet’s fears.
“Honey…wetin you mean? Na wetin Senorita dey do for my back?” Oga Fredo asked Janet.
“Na wah ooo…you nor trust ya sister again?” I asked in a small voice.
“Onochie wetin you dey do hia?” Janet asked.
“I come gist or…make I nor gist again? I dey ask oga Fredo about una wedding wey una do for village.” Onochie said.
Janet smiled as pride shone through, she walked to her husband and rubbed his back with her palms.
“I even dey wonder if Senorita go still dey for we compound…dis one wey she don return.” Onochie said.
“Who talk say she don return? Return to wia? Abeg dis house too small.” Janet said.
“Serious?” Onochie said.
“She no carry shi shi come ooo…” Janet said.
I was angry, how could Janet wash me in public. Soon Onochie would carry the gist around the compound.
“Wetin you mean by that? My luggage dey Festac ooo…na when I dey go see my friend, na so pesin carry my purse with over ten thousand naira and my phone run comot.” I lied.
“You nor mean am!” Janet said in wonder.
“Na because I come beg you yesterday…abi? You dey think say I nor get any money abi….you think say I dey play for Lagos?” I challenged.
I saw Oga Fredo’s eyes light up and I could see his appreciative stares as he looked me over.  I decided to shine.
“If na so una wan do me yeye…make I dey go jare…I get house and e nor be small tin at all.” I said.
Immediately, Oga Fredo and Janet started begging me to stay , Onochie laughed hard and loud. As I savoured the pleas coming from Janet and her husband, I said to myself.

“I don hook my eye for Oga Fredo body! E must marry me as second wife weda Janet like am or not!”
Here’s Señorita as I promised and do expect a new episode on Wednesday.
So, I’ve been thinking of posting one off stories at least once or twice a week so as to make this blog more active. I’ll try to post one today or tomorrow. The short stories will center around different issues but will start and end in one episode or two. 
I hope you enjoy it and do keep reading and introducing your friends and loved ones to my blog.
Funky Teens, Frank Tuesday, Senorita and Wife Material continues regardless. I enjoy all your comments and I look forward to reading them. May God bless you immensely.
Thank you so much guys.



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