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Hey Guys,
I am excited to say that in no time, my new site will be launched. boasts of an unstoppable flow of stories that will keep you at the edge of your seats all day. For this new site, each day will have a new post on different stories. I am launching this site so that all my works can be merged together as one. With this site, everyone can enjoy their favourite stories at just the click of a button. On the picture below is a preview of my header. Hopefully, soon, you will be directed to for all your lovely stories.

Here’s a rough sketch of the categories section:

There will be a Home page with all the posts of the day, the life of a very funky naija teenager which I have changed to Life of funky naija teens, Frank Tuesday which I introduced recently, Senorita the Lagos chick, Reviews, and finally, Wife Material, a new addition to my weekly stories. I have separated each to suit the five working days of the week. 
Mondays: Expect the post for Life of Funky Naija Teens( which has all the stories of your favourite teens.)
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Wednesdays: Get your dose of Senorita The Lagos Chick
Thursdays: Reviews (which is a new section of products, sponsored or reviewed by me.)
Fridays: Will have my newest and most exciting addition,Wife Material ( It’s a surprise package…click and see) 
On the side bar will have a ‘Book of The Week Section’ where I’ll place my favourite book of the week. Either chosen by me or by you the reader (I’m doing this to support Nigerian/African young authors who would like to use my blog as a platform to advertise their books.)
I hope you enjoy my new site and everything that I added.  Remember that I couldn’t have done this without your suggestions, help, prayers, support and your views. I am so grateful to each one of you for reading and commenting and I hope that this new change makes you as happy as it has made me.
Thank You for reading my stories and I  pray that God will bless and water your paths with so much success. Amen.
Best Wishes…

Temi’s Plan!

dreamt she was caught red handed.
sorry Bee…I shouldn’t have…I never intended to…” She cried.
will break your bones and you will never remain the same. Let’s see if your
so-called parents would want you back after I’m done with you.” Bee screamed.
quickly woke up, she was drenched in sweat. Turning to look at the clock, she
was amazed at the time. It was already seven minutes past seven. One of the
school’s non-teaching staff was to be in the house at eight and Bee hasn’t
signed the letter nor was she intending to. Temi’s hands literally shook
in  fear. She had hatched a plan late
last night when insomnia took hold of her. She had conceived that early this
morning, while Bee was still asleep, she’ll sneak in, take the letter, do a
quick photocopy in Bee’s library, sign the original copy and place the
photo-copied copy in Bee’s room before going to submit her letter to the
school’s representative at the house gate. She couldn’t continue this way, she really
wanted to go home and even if her attempts killed her, she was down with it.
out of bed, she tiptoed out of her room and silently walked through the long
hall to Bee’s room. Bee was sound asleep and on Saturday’s she didn’t wake up
till eight-thirty, most times, nine am. The door creaked loudly when she pushed
it open and she murmured a small and quick prayer as she didn’t want a
reenactment of her dream.
as she imagined, was fast asleep, her mouth was a bit open and her eyes were
shut tight. Temi snuck her way into the room and hurried to the table where she had kept her report card. It wasn’t there, she realized in alarm. Where was it? She
asked herself in panic. Scanning the room with eyes filled with fear, Temi
looked for the report card but didn’t see it. She looked at the clock and
grimaced in dismay at the time, it was eight minutes to eight. It was then, she
realized that the clock in her room was slow, Bee had asked her several times to change it
but she hadn’t cared. Now, she wondered why didn’t change it earlier. Panic rose
and filled her stomach, her bile threatened to burst, she could hear her heart
thud. Suddenly a piercing shrill filled the air. It was Bee’s alarm.
my God!” Temi whispered as she ducked under the dressing table quickly.
cursed and stretched out her hand to tap the alarm shut. Struggling with her
duvet, she rolled off her bed and sluggishly made her way to the bathroom.
Temi’s eyes watered, ‘how come Bee set her alarm early for today?’ she asked
herself as she thanked God silently that Bee hadn’t seen her. Suddenly, she rose
from her hiding place and crawled out from under the dressing table. Suddenly, she saw
the report card, it was at the top of Bee’s wardrobe but her hand couldn’t reach
it. She heard the toilet flush and she almost ran back to her hiding place but
she heard the rush of the shower. Quickly she took a side stool and placed it
in front of the wardrobe, climbing the stool was tricky because one leg was broken. She had hardly picked the report card and
opened it to slip out the letter when the stool wobbled beneath her weight and
she crashed to the ground in a helpless heap.

cried till she felt her eyes would turn black from redness, she couldn’t believe
that her step-mom could betray her, just when she felt they had shared something special. She slowly walked down the road, sniffing back the tears that rushed through her eyes. At that moment, she heard her name.
knew who it was but didn’t turn.
it’s me Robert…”
caught up with her and placing his hands on her shoulders he turned her to
heard what happened and I am really sorry.” Robert started.
were you?” Tara asked in a hoarse voice, she had cried her voice away.
was in the staff room searching for my technical drawing exam sheet. I realized
that I was marked absent from the exam and the score didn’t reflect in my
report card when I actually did the exam. It was when I heard the commotion at
the assembly ground that I knew that something was wrong.”
is wrong Rob…I have no family. My mother is a nut-case, my father is not my dad
and my step-mom is a betrayer. What more could a sixteen year old ask for?”
fret, it will be fine.”
you shut up? Look at you! You have everything you want, from parents who love
you to a very close knit family that adore you. You can never understand.”
“What else do you want me to say? Stop doing this to yourself Tara, a lot of people are in
worst scenarios than this and they pull through, you are just having your
shares of life’s ups and downs.” Robert said.
lifted her hand and gave him a resounding slap which drew the attention of
passersby on the road. Robert was stunned and he stared at her in confusion, turning
away from him, Tara crossed to the other side of the road.
there? Is anyone in my room?” Bee asked in a panicky voice from the bathroom.
gingerly stood up, her left foot hurt so she hopped on the right, and hurriedly carried the stool back to its position.
the sound of Bee’s voice, it was obvious that she had already stepped into the shower
and couldn’t come out because her body was wet. Temi hurried out of the room
with the sheet in her hand. Hopping frantically to Bee’s library, she turned on
the photocopier and made a duplicate of the letter. She forged Bee’s signature
which she had learnt the night before and hopped downstairs. At that moment, the
door opened and the cook ushered in Miss Adu, a non-teaching staff of her
Temi, how are you doing?”
hopped quickly to her and handed her the letter.
you hurt your feet? Are you okay?” Miss Adu started.
I’m fine thanks. You can go now.”

“Can I have a glass of water?” Miss Adu persisted.
“There’s really no water in the house, please go now.” Temi said sounding desperate, she could hear Bee’s door open upstairs.
“Okay, just remember that you have to be at school at 9am on Monday morning, flight leaves at noon.” Miss Adu said.
As soon as Miss Adu left, Bee walked into the sitting room.
“Good morning Bee.” Temi yawned.
“Hello dear. I thought I heard the door bell and a visitor’s voice. Did anyone come here?” Bee asked.
“Yes, it’s the school staff, she came to collect the letter but I told her I wasn’t going anymore.” Temi lied, trying to sound nonchalant.
Bee smiled and gave her a hug.
“I’m glad that you’re a good girl and you listen to orders.” Bee said.
“Thanks Bee but I’d like you to do me a favour.” Temi said.
“What can I do for you? We could spend a week in a hotel you know, just me and you in a luxurious hotel here in Abuja.”
“I’d like that very much but I think I’ll pass. I want to spend the weekend and next week with Haruwa, she asked me to join her club and I refused and I know I hurt her feelings. Now that I’m not going to Lagos anymore, I’d like to go and spend time with her.” Temi said.
“That could be arranged, I’m glad that you’re settling well in Abuja and making new friends too. In no time, you’d forget everything about your old life.”
Temi smiled and said nothing.
“How can I get her phone number?” Bee asked.
“It’s in your phone, she was the one who sent the text message yesterday.”
Bee patted Temi affectionately on her cheek.
“I love you so much Temi, you are like a sister that I never had. I will call Haruwa right now and tell her that you’d like to spend a week with her and I’ll even speak to her parents.” Said Bee.
“Okay, let me go upstairs to your room steal those chocolates in your fridge.” Temi said mischievously and hurried out of the sitting room.
“Don’t forget to brush your teeth after having them and don’t touch my lipstick.” Bee laughed and proceeded to call Haruwa.
Temi entered Bee’s room with the duplicate of the letter which she had carefully folded and hidden in the pocket of her pajamas and placed it back in her report card. As she left the room, she glanced at the fridge and frowned, she hated chocolates.

“I am so glad to see you…thank God your Lagos trip has been canceled.” Said an excited Haruwa who was taking Temi on a tour round her father’s mansion.
Temi thought she had seen houses but Haruwa’s stood apart, it wasn’t just a house, it was a mansion. Bee had just dropped her off with her duffel bag at Haruwa’s house some minutes ago.
“I am not staying in Abuja for the holiday, I am still going to Lagos.”
“What? How? Why?” Haruwa asked disappointed.
“You caused all this! You shouldn’t have gone ahead to send that text message which suggested that I was going to stay with my family.”
“Huh?” Haruwa asked confused.
“Well…never mind, all I know is, I’m going to Lagos and you’ll have to cover for me or I won’t join your group at all.”
“Will you come back to Abuja after your stay in Lagos or do you intend to stay there throughout the holiday?”
“Time will tell. But you must promise never to tell my sister, Bee and you have to lie to your mom if she asks where I am.”
“Don’t worry about my mom, she’s hardly around and you aren’t the only friend that’ll be around, I have some more friends coming to stay over till the end of the holiday. She won’t notice.”
“Okay. I owe you big time and do remember that you should not tell Bee where I have gone. Please…”
“I promise…just don’t get into trouble…or are you going to see your boyfriend?” Haruwa teased.
“I got into this in the first place because of a boy … I’m not going the boys route anymore…I’ve had enough.”
Haruwa nodded and held Temi’s hand as they walked towards the giant pool area, Temi stared at her surroundings and marked the time till she returned home.


  1. Oh my God! This is a dream come true ada. Bigger you I pray! I can't wait to read wife material it sounds exciting.
    I'm happy that Temi pushed through and conquered Bee's selfishness. Can't wait for next week and can't wait to start reading from our new site! Yay!


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