Derin from Isaleeko is not your regular girl. I remember meeting
her for the very first time almost two years ago and boy! Does she have

Let’s skip the fact that Derin is a fashionista and loves to wear
designer pieces, she has a beautiful heart! This is one of the reasons I am
introducing her blog to you guys.
Are you looking for a blog which exudes fashion, passion, style,
avant-garde and travel all in one? Look no further as Derin is determined to
serve them ‘hot’
Her first blog post is on knitted skirts and Bralets, and I love
her ‘topic choice’ as I feel that Nigerians especially (style-conservative) ladies
do not really know how to wear the trend comfortably due to it shows off a bit
of skin.  
Read more on her fashion posts here:
You can also follow her on Instagram @derinfromisaleeko


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