Hey Dears,
I promised you at the launch of this site that there will be
no dull moment on it and I even wrote the different days of the week that I’ll
post stuff. It’s so obvious I am struggling to keep up to the end of my bargain
because I have not been posting as regularly as I should and this is because of
my very busy schedule. I am really sorry about that and I will definitely
change my ways.

So for the first time on Reviews section, I am going to talk
about a product. Trust me, it’s not sponsored content and even though I’d
gladly review sponsored contents, this is not one of them.

For four years, I’ve not switched from this soap to any
other one. I guess it’s because it’s so different from other soaps. It was
introduced to me by a pretty lady/ friend I met in camp at NYSC, she told me
about it and since then, I’ve used it. Even though I do not like to feel
squeaky clean after having my bath because I feel that body oils are important for skincare, I
love this soap and I don’t think I’ll change it in a long time.
I can remember my youth service days in Katsina state where
the sun was determined to turn me to ‘dusty brown’ and the weather vowed to dry
my skin up so bad. I continued using this soap and miraculously, my skin didn’t
change much, considering the fact that I didn’t use sunscreen at that time.
Well, enough of my long talk and now to the name of the
soap. It’s no other than the incredible Fair and White soap. There are
different colours of the same brand; the pink, yellow, white, blue and very
recently the gold. I use the blue and trust me when I say that I’ve tried all the
colours and my best still is the blue. Here are three reasons I like the blue
1.      It has
apricot seeds which are so good for cleansing.
2.      It has
a good scent and exfoliates as well.
3.      It has
a way of brightening the skin after every bath.
I’ve recommended this soap to some of my friends and they
love it, though I received a complaint from just one person that it makes her
darker and when I inquired further, I found out that scrubs with apricots
darken her skin tone. Well, we are all different people and experiments are necessary
till we get it right.
Well…just in case you have tried every soap and you’ve not
been able to break-through yet with any of them, I suggest you try out this
one. It’s a good product and unlike many other products in the market that has
fake remakes, I can assure you that I have never seen a fake fair and white
(blue) soap…(not to say that they might not exist).
From now on, each week will see a new product featured on this site. I hope you’ll enjoy reading the reviews. 
Thanks for Reading!

Happy Thursday!



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