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A few days ago, I published an article about Adaeze Ikeobodozie, (read more on this post here) and the rating was quite impressive. So, here’s another one on five young people below the age of 30, who Forbes have predicted would be billionaires in the nearest future. These young Nigerians made the FORBES future Billionaires list. I am inspired by them as well because, I fall into their category and even if Forbes has not acknowledged me yet, which they soon will, in no distant time, *big grin* I’ve decided to start publishing stories of young successful entrepreneurs on my blog-site.


I think we need to break away from the ideology of a 9-5 routine. Yes, a job is awesome but if you have what it takes to do better, why can’t you? It doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t get a job, it means that you should think outside of a ‘job’, so to speak. Have you asked yourself this question. Where will I be in ten to twenty years from now? What if my present company folds up? What if things aren’t as steady as they are today? This and many more are the reasons you should search deep within yourself and look for a skill that no one has tapped into yet, or a skill that would give you the PUSH you’ve been looking for. Who says you can’t swing your 9-5 with a part-time job. Do you love writing? Why don’t you contribute for magazines or websites at your free time. Are you good with make-up? Why don’t you turn your nappy time weekend into a skill-filled one by doing make-up for brides, birthday girls? Are you a computer whiz? Are you good with graphic design? You can channel your free time to designing company logos, wedding invitations, posters and so on, the list is endless. In all, dare to be different wherever you find yourself. Don’t sit and read other people’s success story, you are destined for GREATNESS. The sky is your starting point!
Read more on the youngsters below:
Affiong Williams, 29: (Founder, Reelfruit)
ReelFruit, founded, in March, 2012 is an emerging fruit processing company focused on packaging and branding and processing of locally, and quality fruit products.The first product is a range of dried fruit snacks and nuts. The products are currently stocked in over 80 stores in Nigeria. ReelFruit is an award-winning brand, winning both an international Women In Business Competition in the Netherlands, as well as an SME exhibition (Creative Focus Africa) in Lagos, Nigeria.
Williams is trying to expand her nut business into the lucrative airline market. She is raising capital to build a factory on the outskirts of Lagos next year. “I hope to be on the cover of FORBES AFRICA in five years’ time,” she says.

Emeka Akano, 28: Co-Founder, Founder2Be
Finding your perfect match is never easy but Akano and his co-partner, Chinedu Onyeaso, have made it easier through Founder2Be. The cupids of commerce introduced a match-making service for business owners in Africa. Like online dating, a deal is just a click away. These Nigerians are not strangers to entrepreneurship; the two cofounders also started Entarado, a web development company empowering small businesses with web and mobile solutions.
Abiola Olaniran, 26: Founder, Gamsole
Olaniran, 26, is the founder and CEO of Nigerian gaming company Gamsole. Olaniran founded the company in 2012, and it has venture backing from 88mph, a Kenyan seed fund. The company’s games now have more than 9 million downloads.
Ola Orekunrin, 29: Medical Doctor & Founder, The Flying Doctors
Orekunrin is founder and Managing Director of Flying Doctors Nigeria Ltd., an air ambulance service based in Lagos, Nigeria. Orekunrin’s company is the first air ambulance service in West Africa to provide urgent helicopter, airplane ambulance and evacuation services. “Tragedy led me to entrepreneurship,” she says. “I believe that perhaps my sister, who died when she was just 12 years old, may have lived if this sort of service was available in Nigeria at the time,” she says. Born in London and raised in a working-class foster home in Lowestoft, a little fishing town in the East of England, Orekunrin enrolled for a medical degree at the University of York and qualified at 21 – one of the youngest ever to take the doctor’s Hippocratic Oath in Britain. She is a 2013 New Voices Fellow at the Aspen Institute and was named a Young Global Leader in 2013 by the World Economic Forum.

Bankole Cardoso, 26: Co-founder, Easy Taxi Nigeria
Cardoso was the founding chief executive of online taxi hailing app, Easy Taxi Nigeria, a Rocket Internet-backed startup. While still affiliated with Easy Taxi, he is moving on to new projects. Easy Taxi, under Cardoso’s watch, grew to be one of the most used taxi hailing apps in Lagos and Abuja. His mother, Stella Ameyo Adadevoh, died of Ebola last year. Adadevoh was one of the doctors in Nigeria who helped treat the disease.

Are you a young entrepreneur and you’d like to share your story with us? Do send your story and I’ll publish it for free!


    • Yes ooo…we keep waiting for something to push us before we start. I am so guilty of this.
      I'm glad I left you sitting on needles.

      Thank you for reading dear!

  1. hmmm Ada, been nursing a business idea since ooo but no capital. To loan money from banks now na war as interest rate is so high for a beginner. This post just kinda saddened me as my idea just lies sitted in my head. I cant start small like people would suggest cos even the small involves buying a machine which cost abt 3.5m naira. Will continue praying hard tho…..thanks for sharing dear


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