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How was your weekend? Hope it went well? I spent my weekend, journeying to Ikorodu *for two hours actually*. I was really impressed by the good road channels and the solid buildings too, plus the quiet life there. I’m no photographer or I’ll have snapped up some shots for y’all.
Today’ I’d like to introduce the Mode store to you…I’ve created my own design *I am a fair artist too…even though my designs na wah* but it’s my own creation and I like the fact that it’s unique and it’ll be nice if lovers of ART could patronize them.
I’m so glad about the brand and excited to see it grow, so, here’s a feature on what the brand’s about.

PPV, announced the latest addition to it’s host of ventures – The MODE store . This retail store is geared toward artists and creatives.Though a retail store with items ready for purchase, MODE also accords you the ability to print your own personal design in a matter of minutes. These are high quality prints that can be customized to reflect your own creativity.
What is great about MODE is its mode of operation. It creates a hub for art, the artist and the art lover.

It is a place where artists, photographers, graphics gurus and even the lay man can come together with a platform that is ready to promote and sell their designs without the rigours of owning their own retail space. A place where friends and followers of said creatives can support by wearing their art.

MODE is there to work with, support, encourage and provide logistics for all the budding and already known artists out there. Have a design, like to draw, have great ideas? It’s our mission to make it a reality. “ We love the idea of making creative unknowns become well-known, with their own names, stories and the inspiration behind their artwork, all with the medium we know best which are Tshirts”. MODE will be the first of its kind to be this dynamic as it will always express the vision of it’s artist and the clientele alike.
The gallery space for MODE opened on AUGUST 2nd at 1436 Mall ( Former Lafayette Mall, Sanusi Fafunwa Street, VI).

About PPV
PromoPrint Ventures Ltd is the lead manufacturer and printer of promotional items in Nigeria. Promotional items like polo t-shirts, baseball caps and corporate gifts and apparel. PromoPrint is unlike no other company as it has sizable varied capabilities in its manufacturing to printing process. This means that, almost all levels and forms of printing can be done with minimal outsourcing, making it a Proudly Nigerian and internationally accredited company. It was out of this capability to work with any fabric and the vision to increase the visibility of the African Creative, that MODE was born.

Instagram : @itsjustmode
Website     : www.itsjustmode.com


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