Hello dears,

How’s the week at your end? I spoke earlier about the post schedules for the blog and I explained that series won’t be coming up daily. However, Wednesdays and Saturdays would be vacant as there will be no posts on these days. Who knows? Maybe something exciting will fill it in the future.


Mondays & Tuesdays: Teen Series

Thursdays & Sundays: Faith Series

Fridays: Wife Material Web Series.

Thank you.


  1. Ada Ada! the new look of the blog is quite cute. however, no wife material on saturdays again? please now every other story has two days. #sniffing

    • Wife Material used to be on Fridays alone before I added Saturdays. Don’t worry, we’ll all get used to it. Thank you for reading.

  2. It’s so nice to be back to your blog after a long absence. The wife material series simply the best. Keep up the great work, Adaeze.


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