It has been a good year and we thank God for the grace to see the end of a wonderful 2012.
I am glad that THE TEENAGE SERIES, is a favourite to many, but we have to give a short break to return next year.

Chioma, Queen and Tunde were the major characters of the first part of season one and I assure you that you are yet to see more exciting characters at the concluding part.

“Teenagers are the most vulnerable people and they need to be heard, monitored and loved, yes, they act as though they know too much, many think they are adults already but we know it’s not true. This blog is not a teaching aid, it is a way of making people understand the dangers that lurk, especially for young eager minds. It is very necessary that growing adults are watched, from the friends they keep to people they interact with, on the streets, schools, supermarkets, church and social gatherings. We definitely do not want our teenagers learning bad habits and becoming an easy prey to violence.

On January 11, which happens to be a special day (my special day…*winks*), the concluding part of the teenage series (season one) will begin with a very inspiring episode. Do stay glued to your computer, phones, Ipads…screens cos’ its going to be more than you ever imagined.

From Chioma, Queen, Tunde, all the characters of Life of a very funky Naija teenager and my humble self;

We wish you a merry Christmas

We wish you a merry Christmas
We wish you a merry Christmas
And a happy new year!!!

PS: A lot of people have complained about wanting to place their comments on this blog but don’t know what steps to take. If you have comments and you can’t seem to find a way round the comments section, please write the name registered on your Google account (Gmail) in the place provided as (Google) and place your comments in the section below. It would surely appear. Thanks for reading, I wish all my readers, a wonderful and prosperous 2013, God bless you.



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