Hey dears,

I know you’re disappointed that there are no posts today. I sincerely apologize and will post tomorrow.
Aside from having a very busy weekend- I was out very early and came home very late- my kid sister fell ill and I’ve been at the hospital all day. I have just returned and with the kind of headache I’m having, I won’t be able to post today. I am going to write and put up for tomorrow instead…please bear with me.

Enough about me? How’s your day going? Eku new fuel price ooo….
No matter how difficult Nigeria gets, things will never be difficult for us in Jesus name Amen.

Have a splendid week ahead.


  1. Ada, abeg rest ooo … and I hope your sister gets back on her feet.. God bless you.
    Another thing, this book of yours that you put up on Amazon, Is there no nigerian friendly way, we can buy the book?? I just noticed the book on your site, and on close follow-up, na amazon, you put the book..

    • Thank you for the good wishes dear, God bless you.
      Yes ooo…na Amazon I put the book o. I was just doing a test drive with the amazon book, just to see how well it does. It is a children's book and not a novel. I am trying to see how well it would do because I'm about publishing my full-length novel and I'm trying to decide on either of the two (hard copy or soft)
      Thank you for taking note.


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