Hello dears.

How has your week been? As always my week has been occupied with lots of writing. I know I promised to publish and eBook and I’m working on it. The Promise was my initial proposed story for my eBook but I’ve changed my mind about putting it up for sale just yet. I am working on another eBook and it’s definitely worth the wait.

Well…there’s a new series in town but unlike the rest, this is more captivating and thought provoking. It teaches so many lessons especially about trust because whether we like it or not, we meet new people on a daily basis and sometimes, we don’t know who is who and what motives or intentions they have for us.
The Mobile Thriller Series By Adaeze is a new idea which I’ve been working on for a very long time so I’m glad that it’s finally up. It’s a service subscription which requires readers to subscribe to daily thriller series on a weekly basis for a token of fifty naira (N50) affordable right?

I’d love it if everyone that reads this blog subscribe to this service, I promise to never disappoint you in serving the best stories both here and on the service. Story series will still go up here free of charge as it used to but it’ll be nice if you support my writing ministry and subscribe to this amazing service.

The story goes up thrice a day because there’s a limited space for written content so, you’ll get a full dosage of the series three times a day and each and every day, Saturdays and Sundays included. The series is titled ‘DECEPTION’ and it’s one of a kind.

To read the thriller Series, DECEPTION, please follow the instructions below:
To subscribe to Mobile Thriller Series by Adaeze service, please text: MTSA to 700
To Stop, text; STOP MTSA to 700
For service subscription via web URL click: http://wap.mtnonlineplay.com/smart/popup.aspx?action=subprevdone&ctype=sub&ctrlid=73&id=929&state=N&feedname=thriller&plan=&prid=E5692&cnp=1&event=Mobile_Thriller&be=Mobile_Thriller&ba=ALTCRL

This service is N50/Week and only available on MTN.


    • It goes up thrice a day and daily too. The service subscription charges 50 naira per week. In order words, for N50, you get daily series on your mobile phone. How cool is that?
      No, this is only for MTN and will not be shared on any other platform.

  1. Hello Ada,

    I don't think I understand how this works. I subscribed to your service and #50 was dedicated from my account and I was asked to register my number. I tried registering my number and I was told that the number already exists. I don't know what that means. Kindly clarify so I can start enjoying this service and treat myself to the thriller. Thanks

  2. Hi Ceejay,

    I spoke to the service provider and I was asked if you tried signing up with Wifi. If you did, it won't work because you need to have an mtn data plan to access the story.
    Kindly contact me via email on adaezewrites@gmail.com if the issue persists.

    Thank you.


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