Since SILENCE seems to be a ‘one off’ kind of tale where everything begins and ends with Toun and her family, I was thinking that introducing a whole new season may be a bit trickery since you guys asked for the first story in the first place as it was never my idea to turn it into a series. So, I’ve decided to put forth three first episodes from Wednesday till Friday to enable you guys chose the one you want a continuation…

Chux also hinted that I should change the name SILENCE to something else. So what do you guys think? The last first episode will be on Friday. So voting begins today and ends on Saturday. What will it be guys? First, Second or Third. 
Thunder sounded in the heavens but I didn’t stop running, I
was breathless. I didn’t care that my white dress was soiled or my makeup
smudged, I didn’t care that my feet had lost its shoes. ‘I did the right thing’,
I thought to myself. ‘Did I?’ I thought again. I had left without an
explanation but how could I explain to the sixty or more guests at the church
what I had heard in secret?
The sun had hidden itself behind the clouds and the thunder
resounded again, but I kept running. Where was I headed? I had no idea. The
events of the morning unconsciously came rushing and all attempts to hinder it
from rearing its ugly head proved impossible.
I had woken up at five am, brushed my teeth, had a proper
bath and after getting my make-up done, I had worn my beautiful custom-made
wedding dress which was designed by yours truly. I am a good tailor and I love
to pride myself in my creations and I had worked tirelessly to see my wedding
dress attain its perfection. When I began working on my wedding dress, I had no
time for customers, I refused to accept clothing materials and in fact stopped
taking orders. I had no other priority but my wedding dress which I was certain
would make headlines! I had it all rehearsed in my head, from the moment I walked
down the aisle clinging onto my father’s arm to the moment I was pronounced a
married woman and I was pretty sure that it would be surreal.
Till I was just ten minutes away from saying ‘I do’ and a
shocking reality hit me squarely in the face!
It all happened at the church, before I walked down the
aisle. I had arrived thirty minutes earlier with my maid of honour and suddenly
I felt like using the toilet. It must have been a case of nerves because I had
not drunk any water all day for fear of having to use the toilet often. I
quickly asked one of the ushers for a place to freshen up and he directed me to
a small room at the side entrance of the church which had a toilet facility
within. I quickly thanked him and went in. Using the toilet was no hassle as my
dress was quite easy to handle, I had purposely made a dress that would give me
the freedom to even do a number two,
toilet-wise, so I wasn’t in the least flustered. As I sat on the toilet seat, I
imagined my Tunde, looking all dapper in his navy blue suit and a smile played
across my lips, I also remembered the naughty little present I had packed up in
my box for tonight and I blushed.
I had just flushed and was about to leave the toilet when I
heard the door to the room open and soon I heard footsteps. Suddenly a voice
floated in and I smiled in recognition. It was Tunde’s brother Ladi, as I made
to open the door, I heard another voice, it was that of Tunde’s other brother,
Dani. They were chatting about the weather and I was thinking of how to jump
out of the toilet, screaming ‘boo’. A mischievous smile spread across my face
when I thought of how surprised they’ll be to see me emerge from the toilet. I
had my palm on the door knob when I heard Dani say;
“I am worried about Tunde. Can he go through with this?”
I was curious, what was my fiancé hiding from me? Can he go
through with what? I thought.
“I really can’t tell…he’s nervous…he’s literally
shaking…I have never seen Tunde this unnerved in my entire life.” Ladi was
“Nnamdi sent him a text message saying, he wouldn’t share.”
Dani said.
“Wow! That’s intense! Didn’t Tunde explain the situation to
him? That he has to get married in order to make our parents happy? I really
wish he could come out of the closet…if he had done that earlier, this
wouldn’t be happening.”
“What? Come out of where? To our parents? Do you want them
dead before their time? We should be thankful that Lola agreed to marry him.
Thank God that she doesn’t suspect anything.” Ladi said in relief.
“Wait…does it mean that they have not….” Dani asked.
“No! They agreed that it’s till their wedding night…” Ladi
said quickly. “I wish things weren’t this complicated….”
“Yea…me too….”
“I also wish that he could have told her mehn! It would make
life easier for the poor girl but now, she’s getting into marriage with a man
who’s…gay and who will never ever satisfy her sexual fantasies or be an ideal
husband to her…” Ladi said regretfully.
“Well…he’s our brother and we have to respect his wishes
for keeping this a secret from his wife-to-be. Maybe when they are married,
she’ll handle his truth better. Come to think of it, if she knows now, soon
everyone will know because there’s a ninety-nine percent chance that she
wouldn’t go through with the wedding but when she’s his wife, she’ll keep the
truth to herself for the sake of her new family.”
“I guess so…” Dani said and paused. “It’s less than five
minutes till church begins, we need to get back into the church.
”Has the bride arrived?” Ladi asked.
“I saw the car bring her in but I haven’t seen her, I’m sure
she’s somewhere waiting for the ceremony to begin.” Dani started.
“Hmmm….poor girl, if only she knew what she is getting
into….Tunde doesn’t love her…his heart is with no one else but Nnamdi….”
Ladi said.
“Tough! Let’s get back to business and by that I mean,
church!” Dani said quickly.
I heard them walk to the door and soon it slammed shut, I
weakly pushed the door of the toilet open and walked out with wobbly legs.
not rush it…we have all the time in the world…” He had said to me two weeks
ago when I had tried to seduce him.

come on Tunde… we’re getting married soon…we’re not doing anything wrong…”
I had replied, laughing naughtily.

We both
had too much to drink at the club and since it was late, I had insisted on
spending the night at his place.

I touched my face to see if tears had ruined my makeup but
to my surprise it was dry. I clutched my chest but couldn’t feel my heartbeat,
it was as though my heart had been wrenched from its depths.
The door opened and Shalewa, my best friend and maid of
honour, peeped in.
“There you are! It’s time. Let’s go.” She said excitedly.
I nodded and plastered a plastic smile on my face, letting
her lead the way. As soon as I stepped out, my bridesmaids hurried to meet me, we
had all agreed to meet up at the church.
“You look beautiful Lola! Exquisite…” Nneoma said as she
rushed up to hug me.
“This is…the most beautiful wedding dress I have ever
seen!” Fatima exclaimed as she admired my wedding gown.
“Tunde is one lucky fella…” Christabel said.
As they chatted, I stared blindly ahead, thinking, pondering
and wondering if this had been revealed to me for a purpose. Tunde is gay! He
is marrying me to please his parents, to fool society and to kick under the
rug, his truth.
Without much ado, my father hurried up to me and took my
hand in his. As we walked down the aisle, his face beamed in smiles and I saw a
proud father whose joy at that moment knew no bounds. My mom wiped the tears of
joy off her face with a handkerchief as she stood ahead of us, taking pictures
with her tablet. Family, friends, well-wishers gathered, waiting for the
joining of man and woman. Tunde stood at the altar with a stiff smile on his
lips and a faraway look in his eyes.
The pastor spoke, as my father placed my hand into my future
“Therefore shall a man shall leave his father and mother and
cleave unto his wife and they shall become one flesh. Genesis chapter two,
verse twenty-four.”
At that point I didn’t know what seized me, I didn’t wait
for my dad to return to his seat or for my mom to stop taking pictures. I turned
and fled, running as I have never run before, out of the church, out of the
sham of a wedding, out of the arms of my prince.

Now, still running and causing stares on the road, I can’t
stop my race and I have no idea where I am headed. Lightning flashed and
thunder struck a third time, then, the rains began to fall.

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  1. I've already voted for all three but I have to say that this one is super interesting. I like the way you described the wedding gown, I could just see it! As for the gay and lesbian thing, we have so many people trapped in unhappy marriages over the issue.

  2. Meeehn I'm kind of confused oooo. Don't know which to choose between kambili's story and these one. Ada oooooo abeg do the two story. Who is seconding me☺☺


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