Hello Everyone,
How has the week been? It’s been pretty much the same at my
end and I still can’t believe  that the year is almost at its end.
I’m sure you guys are tired of me and my eBook promises, I sincerely apologize
for the delay. I wanted to put up ‘The Promise’ on Okada books but I changed my mind at the last minute. We all know I wanted to do a giveaway with The Promise but I felt that itt won’t be fair that some readers would read it free while the others will pay for it so I decided to put it up as a daily series on the blog so that everyone can
read and enjoy it. Yay! I was supposed to start it this week but I’m thinking of Smokescreen and how I can work things out so that we don’t have too many stories on the blog in a day. I’ll figure out something very soon.

The MTSA series which comes up on MTN Play is starting over
from the beginning today because I know that no one caught up withthe first episodes as it had been posted before I alerted you all. This will give
everyone who’s not subscribed, the opportunity to do so now that it’s just
started from scratch. I am sorry if this causes some sort of inconvenience
for those who’ve started reading the story already. Another reason I asked that
the episodes start all over again is because I found that subscribers were having
issues with subscription and even after subscribing, the error messages still filtered
in. All these have been taken care of and that’s why, the first episode of the
series have been restarted today. I hope we all catch up. I also recieved complaints that the series is only restricted to MTN subscribers, I am deeply sorry for that but hopefully, we’ll expand to other networks but in the meantime, head over to Okadabooks.com to purchase my new eBook.
My new eBook is out today and it’s titled ‘Kith &
Kin’ and it’s up on Okada books for two hundred and fifty naira only (N250) I hope
it’s affordable for everyone. Here’s the link to the eBook on Okadabooks.
Here’s a synopsis of the story:
Christy travels to Warri to help look after her billionaire grandfather, little does she know what life has in store for her. Pere is a hoodlum, a street punk and a gangster, he kills for a living. Their paths cross and stories change but in the midst of it all, the truth is revealed.
 I’d also love to hear
feedback on the stories both for the MTN platform and for the Okada books
platform. So for those that subscribed and those that’ll buy the eBook, kindly
leave a comment at the comment section under any of the blog series. I’d
love to hear your thoughts.
I also discovered that there are some readers who love the ‘Black
Mail’ section so much and are inspired by the faith based series so, I’m
working on a Christian miniseries eBook and it’ll be out soon. It’s going to very affordable as well.
Thank you are for reading. I love all your amazing comments
and even though I delay in responding, I promise to get to all of them.
May God bless everyone of you immensely now and always.




    • Hi Zee, I sincerely apologise for that. I recieved a complaint that the book wasn't uploaded, last night and I've been trying to contact those at Okadabooks. It uploaded correctly from my end but I guess the problem is from them. I will contact them and have the rectify it as soon as possible. Could you send the email address you used to register to adaezewrites@gmail.com
      Once again, I'm really sorry for this.

  1. I also bought it ada but its empty. I hope they rectify the problem soon. For the MTSA are u saying I cant follow the series if I am not using MTN data bundle?

    • Hi TBOTL,
      I am so sorry that you had to go through this issue. I am currently working on it with the Okadabooks team and it will be resolved soon. Everyone that has bought the book will get it before the end of the day (God willing).
      For the MTSA, it's only available on MTN for now but soon, it'll be available on other networks.


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