My face while waiting for your entries.

Hey Guys,

How was your weekend? I had actually started writing the daily series, thinking that one of the numbers had the highest vote only to find that there’s a tie.
So, since we can’t have two series at the same time from the daily series option, I’d like to throw these options to you guys again.

Remember, there’s a deadline to voting so I’ll be locking up the comments section once the deadline time is reached.

Number 2 and Number 4 had three votes each and this makes it a tie so, here are the suggestions for these two numbers again. Please note that picking more than one option automatically disqualifies your entry.

No 2. A Crime detective series.


No 4.A series on Married men and how they manage society’s expectations. Cheating/adultery/challenges as husbands…

Entries close at 8pm today (CAT)

New Daily Series begin tomorrow….

Thank you for being such amazing readers and a big thank you to everyone that leaves a comment.

God bless you immensely.




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