remember revealing to you guys some time ago that my movie will be out soon. I
call it my movie -even though I didn’t produce it- because the producer is a
beautiful lady who I have come to admire and respect. Her name is Alexandra Alexander
and she’s one producer you should watch out for!
Alexandra approached me late last year to write a comedy script for a movie she intended to produce, I was like ‘huh?’ Comedy? Ha! But thankfully, by God’s grace I wrote
the screen play and she loved it…*can you see my name at the bottom of
the poster? I’m dancing like crazy right now*

 Now, for those who are asking, ‘does Ada write
scripts too? Yep, I write scripts and many things writing related…but lemme not
deviate from the topic above, ‘I refuse to advertise myself’ anyway you
should hear my heart beating as I await the premiere of this new movie. How
would the reception be like? I keep asking myself.
To cut
the long story short, the movie ‘Behind the Scenes’ is a comedy, I mean…it’s
meant to make you laugh hard. I would go into details but I suggest you see the
poster and figure what it’s all about. The movie is definitely a must watch and it stars; Imeh Bishop, Jide Kosoko, Seyi Law, Grace Amah, Afeez Eniola (Saka), Alexandra Alexander, Christy Okonkwo, Daniel K Daniel, Theressa Edem and a host of other talented actors and actresses.
Alexandra is an Akwaibom lady with a passion for movies,  juggling the roles of acting and producing, Alexandra Alexander loves her craft and enjoys putting smiles on the faces of those around her. She’s not just movie producer but a woman with a heart of Gold. This gorgeous lady who plays ‘Amber’ in the movie, Behind the Scenes, sits with Adaeze of Adaeze Writes for a tete a tete. Here she spills on the challenges of movie production and how she overcame.
Dig In.
Adaeze Writes: The movie
‘Behind the Scenes’ is new and fresh, could you give us a synopsis of the film?
Alexandra:  Most times people judge their life’s journey
based on what others post on their social media platforms, you see comments
like “oh she is so pretty, I wish I was like her, oh he is so rich I wish
I could afford his car”… while it’s a good thing to admire and
appreciate others success’ in life, never beat yourself up if you’re not there
yet because you never really get to see what goes on BEHIND THE SCENES!  The movie behind the scenes is a feel good
comedy about what goes on in the lives of some social media users that no one
really gets to see.
Adaeze Writes: How
did you get involved with producing? What is your role specifically?
Alexandra: I
started out as an actor before I delved into producing, my role as the producer
was being responsible for making sure an appealing, high quality movie is
produced on time and within budget. From sourcing for good script, securing finance,
hiring the production team to post production and distribution and of course
with input from my associate producer.

Adaeze Writes: You
originally started producing movies in your native language ‘Akwaibom.’ What
challenges and advantages comes from working on a cinema movie/film in English
Alexandra: The
challenges were the same regardless of the different market target with the
indigenous film (saraka) and it’s the same challenge most film makers encounter
One of
the advantages of producing an English film like Behind the scenes is wider
network coverage as the indigenous film (saraka) is more targeted at but not
limited to the Ibibio indigenes.
Adaeze Writes: Behind
the Scenes is comedy, do you have a desire to do other films outside the comedy
Alexandra: Most
definitely! Naturally, I love to laugh, I don’t take life too seriously and
laughter is quite therapeutic hence my love for comedic movies but I intend to
try other genres like horror, action, animation and maybe sci-fi. Lol.
Adaeze Writes: How do
you decide on the genre of movies to produce?
Alexandra: It
depends on what’s happening around me at the time as I would love for my movies
to convey relatable messages regardless of the genre. For instance, for the
movie behind the scenes I had just joined Instagram at the time and based on my
observations, I contracted Adaeze Ibechukwu who did a fantastic job with the
screenplay and we decided to pass on the message in a playful way.
Adaeze Writes: What
was the capital-raising process like?
Alexandra: When
you love what you do, it doesn’t really sound like a job anymore and you will
strive to make your dreams materialize and based on this mindset. My business
partner and I used our personal funds to fund the movie.
Adaeze Writes: What
do you think is the key attraction to have investors invest in a movie?
Alexandra: The
key factor I would say is script/content. When you have ‎a good content you can
boldly market to a potential investor and the investor on his part will analyze
return on investment but with a crappy story, you won’t be taken seriously.
Adaeze Writes: What
do you know now that you wished you knew when you started? What advice would
you give to aspiring filmmakers?
Alexandra: Never
take people for their words, do your homework. My advice to aspiring film
makers is to never let the passion inside you die, run after it, nurture it and
embrace it because it will lead you to something great! Follow your instincts
and stay away from dream killers and when you finally make it to the top, never
think you’re better than anyone else, stay humble.
Adaeze Writes: What’s
the selling point of the movie, Behind the Scenes?
Alexandra: Everything about the
movie behind the scenes is a selling point, from the story to the wonderful
performances by the casts and the great job by the technical crew.
Adaeze Writes: What’s
next for you, movie-wise?
Alexandra: Wherever
God and my dreams push me to. I have already enrolled in a film school which I
will resume by next year.
the Scenes will be showing in Cinemas soon, I’ll keep you guys posted….



  1. …and the moment I have been waiting for is finally here….heeeeeeeee! *super excited*
    AdaezeWrites keeps blowing my mind. See eeeh, let's leave all the long story, where/when is the movie showing? How can I get a copy? How can I meet the script writer? How can…?

    Congratulations Adaeze… Let's pop something.

    • Yes ooo…we are going to pop something ooo…definitely!
      The premiere date hasn't been communicated yet but I'll definitely keep you posted.
      Thank you so much dear! You blow my mind too…
      God bless you…

  2. Came here from Alex's Facebook link. Can't wait to see the movie.congrats Alex and Ada (A and A) on your movie.welldone ladies

  3. Ada aff turn star!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Our Ada aff go international and she be hiding here since!
    My dear.. well done jare… more are still coming… Pop pop pop pop something oooo……..
    Good job

  4. Wow this is wonderful news dear,I guess congratulations are in order,make me too famz you jare Ada,yayyyyyy,I know a scriptwriter lol,greater achievements coming your way dear,this is just the beginning of beautiful news like this,even without watching the movie I just know its going to be wonderful and sweet like my ppl would say lol,when you r good you r good,abinibi is different from ability.

    So we should be expecting like 3 episodes of blackmail tomorrow eh

    • Thanks a lot Sweet Dee. I'm also famzing that I know you too. God bless you dear.
      Ah! 3 episodes? When did we sign an agreement on that? My hand nor dey ooo…

  5. Congratulations! Been looking forward to this news since you told us about writing a screenplay.
    Because it's written by you, I'm sure the movie will blow our minds.
    Once again congratulations, it can only get better.

  6. Congratulations Ada darling!!!! i will announce this to the world cos i know your worth……u write beautifully and yea u have only just begun……see u at the top dear. I sure will be waiting for the premier and hoping to get an invite oooo cos my lil mighty man must meet the world's best writer before she becomes unmeetable (lol). Sup with the award nomination na? I checked out the sites of the other nominees and babes they've got nothing on u. u are my WOMAN CRUSH ooooo……well done babes!!!!

    • Awwww….:D *big grin*
      Yes ooo…I'd love to meet your little man and no, I don't think I'll ever be 'unmeetable'.
      Hahaha @ checking other sites. It's a nomination and may the best man win…I just hope it's me but If I don't get it, I'm sure someone else will.
      Thank you so much dear. May God bless you and your cutie baby!

  7. My Ada is a big geh my Ada is a big geh my Ada is a big geh I know I know i know.
    Ada darling this is just the beginning Hun. Just D beginning mehn. God is taken you places my dear. Biko let is know when the movie starts showing at the cinema.
    God bless you Hun.

    • Yes ooo…thanks so much darling!
      Big ups to the producer as well, she's really talented.
      Infact I'm going to upload the trailer here once I get my hands on it!
      God bless you Ayo dear!


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