Sometime ago, I won an award for Short Story Series Writer of the year 2015 and I was so happy to be recognized for my writing. I was featured on the Nigerian Writer’s Website for the award I received, here’s the interview below and see my creative answers….

NWA: Briefly tell us about yourself
My name is Adaeze Ibechukwu, I am a native of Nnewi North in Anambra state and I had my primary school education at Handmaids International Catholic school, InnocentComprehensive High school (both in Surulere) and I graduated from the prestigious University of Benin.

NWA: What is writing to you?
Writing to me, is everything. Whenever I sit before my screen and begin to write, everything comes in a rush so, it’s literally a huge part of my life.
NWA: When did you discover your writing talent and the journey so far?
I didn’t discover my writing talent, my mom did. She had a problem with me littering the house with pieces of papers as a child so one day, she had to travel briefly with my dad and begged that rather than tear up pieces of papers to write cartoons, she’d offer me an empty exercise book to do whatever I liked with it, I was about eight years old at that time. That was where my writing begun, she returned from the trip and found that I had channelled my energy into writing stories. She read my stories and figured out that I was born to be a writer.


  1. Ada Ada you're tooooo good, your stories are very interesting may God continue to bless you as you make some of us happy with your lovely stories cheers your loved.


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