Something happened yesterday! I posted that I was getting married and for the first time in a long time, I received congratulatory calls from everyone.This is the first time ever that my April fool worked and I must celebrate it.

It was at about one am on Friday morning and I was in front of computer, writing the Wife Material post for Saturday when, Bam! The idea popped up and I was like, ‘yeah…lemme have fun for once in a long while’ I mean…real fun, so I quickly wrote a header and the body then searched for a picture of a beautiful lady in a wedding dress and scheduled for seven am this morning. It was when I woke up that I realized that my posts go directly to my Facebook and Twitter pages and I was like haaaaa….

I went on Facebook and I saw that my links were already shared by my friends and Facebook contacts.

I can imagine that some of my close friends, were getting ready for my asoebi.

I hurried to the blog and saw that my views were at a hundred at about nine am and I was like…haba!
I decided to chill and continue with the prank because I couldn’t let it die down so soon. I sent my friend who’s a designer, a BBM chat….see it below.

I took this picture off a friend’s DP, two years ago because I liked the ring and something told me that the picture would come in handy someday. I guess it did. Kate had set up arrangements for us to meet for measurements before I told her it was prank….she nor find am funny…

I quickly put up the picture of the ring on my BBM and Whatsapp, soon, other chats started popping up and I basked in the attention. I never knew this is the kind of love one gets when she’s about to get married. Even Ceejay, my twin-lookalike & runaway friend, called me after two years….

At a point I started accepting the congrats because every one was truly happy for me….*blushes* and they kept tapping into my blessings, hehehehehe

I had to quickly reveal the truth to Nnenny because we are family friends and she might hurriedly tell her mother who would in turn, call my mom and then, you know what happens when they hear about this kind of gist….the whole world gets to know….

She went on to personal gist…hence the heavy watermark as I can’t let that get caught on camera…
I had to quickly change the topic because she was already thanking God on my behalf…I haven’t even told her that it’s an April fool prank or she’ll board a bus from Enugu and journey to Lagos to beat me up.
I had to tell Vivi the truth because she’s a member of my ministry in church plus we have a Whatsapp group. She would have run all the way to the group to break the news and I’ll never stop receiving congratulatory messages till the end of the month….
She has been asking me for months unend, when the wedding is coming up and I always answer ‘soon’. I actually didn’t have her contact for Whatsapp since she changed her phone but trust the ring to have magnetic effects. She quickly sent me a message and I played along…at least, her next question would be ‘have you set a date?’ and I’ll give her the easiest answer in the world…’nat yet’….

So, tell me, how did your April Fool day go? Did you prank anyone? I had a blast. You should read Sisiyemmie’s prank on her husband, I laughed so hard….read it here

Have an amazing weekend dears…


  1. Wow…..Ada o. This is so funny. But in it all God will grant the desires of your heart. Great things infact greater things await you darling.


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