After a long pause, Kazaxtan
spoke to Jumbos;
“Jumbos, please understand that
she is a child, don’t mind the fact that she lied to you. The first step to
take is, locating her house and making sure that she can bring something
valuable which could help save her father’s life.”
“It’s no problem, don’t worry
Chioma, I am not angry with you anymore.” Said Jumbos.
 “Okay, thank you so much sir.” Answered Chioma
while drying her tears with the back of her palms.
The car suddenly picked up
speed and in no time they were parked a few blocks away from Chioma’s house.
“Do as I have instructed and
your family will be better than ever, even your mother will return home.” Said
Chioma nodded in affirmative
and alighted from the car, she had just taken a few steps forward when two
young men walked up to her, she was a bit startled but they assured her with
these words.
“We are with Prophet Kazaxtan,
do not be afraid.”
Chioma nodded quietly and with
the feeling that she was doing something good, she strutted ahead of them and
opened the gate leading to her compound, the young men followed quietly, they
both wore blue overalls and to any looker they could pass for electricians.
Chioma climbed up the stairs leading to her flat and just as she raised her
hand to knock at the door, one of the men spoke.
“We must hide now, if the coast
is clear, call us and we will come to carry the gadgets. They both disappeared
from sight as they hid under the staircase.
Chioma knocked hard on the
door, no one answered, she knocked again but still no answer, when she was
about to turn back and check her neighbour’s place to see if her father had
left her brothers at their place, she heard her Thomas voice coming from inside
the house.
“Who is that? Whoever you are,
please turn back, my daddy said we should not open the door for anyone.”
“Open the door, it’s I,
“Chioma! Daddy is going to kill
you ohh! Infact he has prepared hot ‘Koboko’ for your bum bum.” Shouted Thomas
who still had not opened the door.
“Shut up and open the door my
friend!” Ordered Chioma angrily.
“Daddy went to look for you…he
just left, did you see him?” Asked Thomas.
“What is wrong with you? Open
this door now!”
She heard the key touch the
lock and after a short while, the door opened. Chioma called out to Kazaxtan’s
men and they climbed up the stairs and walked into the house.
“Who are these men?” Asked a
baffled Thomas.
“What’s your business?” She
“My business? Is this not my
father’s house? I have a right to ask.” Said Thomas.
“I’ll slap that lips of yours
shut if you say one more word.”
“And I will run and report you
to the neighbours, do you think I am dumb?” Retorted Thomas.
Chioma drew in a deep breath
when she realized that she was getting nowhere with Thomas. The young men had
just lifted their plasma screen and were taking it outside.
“Why are they taking our T.V?”
Asked Zubby who had just come out of the bedroom.
“Ask your sister, she brought
strangers to our house.” Said Thomas.
“Chioma where are they taking
the T.V to?” Asked Zubby again.
“Where is Ekene?” Chioma asked.
“He is in the room.” Zubby
“Go into the room okay, I will
explain later.”
Zubby nodded and went back into the room.
“What is your explanation?”
Thomas asked.
“See…I am not supposed to tell
you this but…I trust you. There is this man, his name is Kazaxtan, I did not
tell him anything ooo, but he told me everything about our family. He said that
an evil force has attacked our home and the evil force chased mummy away and is
plotting to kill Daddy.”
“It’s a big lie.” Said Thomas
shaking his head.
“Keep doubting, it’s when Daddy
dies that you will face reality.”
“Daddy is not dying…I do not
believe it…but wait a minute, what does this man’s prophecy have to do with our
“Don’t you see, he wants to
protect our Daddy, that is why he has asked me to pay him for his services but
since I have no money, he considered my plight and said that I should give him
anything of value.”
“Hmmm…Chioma, I don’t believe
all these ooo.” Said Thomas shaking his head.
“Why would you believe? Aren’t
you a doubting Thomas?”
The young men had returned and
they carried the deep freezer. Thomas shook his head quietly and went to sit on the sofa. Chioma went into her father’s bedroom, as expected, the
drawer had some money in it, she didn’t wait to count it but took every dime
in the drawer and left the room. One of the men had returned and he hoisted
their water dispenser unto his left shoulders and with his right hand he picked
up an expensive lamp which was used to decorate the house. Thomas angrily
“Please drop that one, it
belongs to my mum.”
The man looked at him and
scoffed, the second man walked into the house and gave his partner a signal to
round up, looking around the house, he sighted the microwave and her father’s
laptop, without further ado, he carried the both items.
Chioma followed them downstairs
to give the Kazaxtan the money she had taken from her father’s drawer. She met
Jumbos and Kazaxtan in the car as she had left them, without thinking, she gave them the money,
she was however surprised to see a bus parked around the corner where her
household gadgets were being loaded.
“How did this bus get here?”
Chioma asked.
“Don’t ask questions….listen to
my instructions, go into your house and lock your door, make sure you do not
tell anyone who we are or describe us to anyone or you will die.”
“How do I know that you have
worked against my father’s death?”
“Whenever the sunsets, look
closely, you will see a spark of lighting, that will be your proof…now run or
the dangerous spirit might smell you. I already feel it close by…run and don’t
look back.” Said Kazaxtan.
Chioma took to her heels and
ran harder than she had ever run in her entire life. When she reached her
house, she saw her brothers sitting on the sofa in the empty sitting room and
staring at themselves in confusion. She closed the door and as she turned the
key in the lock, she realized that; she had confided in Thomas about Kazaxtan’s
prophecy and she didn’t die as the prophet foretold. Horror and stark
realization washed her to reality as she unlocked the door and ran outside, she
opened the gate and hurried towards the place Kazaxtan and Jumbos had parked
their car and found it gone. Trying hard to calm herself down over the
realization that she had just be duped, she turned back and walked towards her
gate only to be jerked from her thoughts by the heavy horning of a vehicle by
her side. She looked at the direction the sound was coming from and her heart stood still for a moment as she
stared at the familiar car and the man inside the vehicle. It was her father and the look
he gave her could freeze fire. Chioma had no choice but to search for her
easiest escape route.
 ‘A dead faint.’


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