She had settled herself next to
the driver’s seat and focused her gaze at the car window. The car seat was too comfy and Chioma nestled in its softness. The man who was gracious enough to give her a free ride was whistling to the music coming from the car’s
sound system.
She had not forgotten the fix she’d gotten herself into and her
thoughts kept straying as she tried hard to focus on her present dilemma. They
seemed to be driving in circles but since she wasn’t paying attention, she gave it no extra thought. When the man
asked her questions on where she was headed as well as her house address, she quickly
supplied him with information without a second thought. She however didn’t explain
the reasons for her present predicament, besides the fact that he was willing
to help her, she did not know him well enough to trust him with details. She concentrated her thoughts on the measures her father might take to melt out a deserving
punishment to her and cringed in fear. ‘What lies could she tell?’ she asked
herself over and over again. She was still deeply rooted in her thoughts when
the man’s voice jolted her.
“So, what is your name?” He
 “My name is Chioma, Chioma Agballa.”
“Nice name…so you are Igbo
“Yes…partly, my mother is from
Benue state, Idoma to be precise.”
“Really…then you must be a
linguist…I mean, since your parents are of different tribes, you must be fluent
in Igbo, Idoma, English and even Yoruba.”
“Why Yoruba? I never said that
I am partly Yoruba.”
“Well…since you live in Lagos
which is a Yoruba state, you must have learnt the language or haven’t you?” He
“Well…not really, I don’t even
know how to speak any of my parent’s languages, I speak only English.” She
“What? That’s depressing…you
must learn and fast too.” He said, but was interrupted by a phone call which he
answered immediately. When he hung up, he spoke again.
“My friend just called, he is a
prophet…lets drive towards his estate, it’s not too far away. He wants me to take
him to the airport because his car developed a fault.”
“But…you promised to take me home;
we have been driving for a while now…I don’t want my Daddy to get angry with
“How would he get angry with a
sweet girl like you. Don’t worry, he won’t get angry… Do you have a phone?”
“Yes sir, why do you ask?”
“Well…why don’t you call him
and tell him that you are fine.”
“I can’t do that. He is already
mad at me for leaving the house without his permission.”
“Okay…why don’t you give me the
phone, so that if he calls I could tell him that you are in no harm.”
“That’s so kind of you sir, but
I’d rather hold on to my phone.”
“Why? Are you scared that I would
steal it? I just want to help but if you feel it would cause you more harm than
good, then don’t worry about it.”
Chioma hesitated for a moment
then after second thoughts, she handed the phone over to the man.
“I do not know your name
sir.” She said.
“Jumbos is my name.”
“Is that the name you were
given at birth?” Chioma asked puzzled.
“Ha…Ha…you are really an
inquisitive girl.”
They entered a small street and
Jumbos stopped briefly to pick up a friend, the man slid into the back seat of
the vehicle, the two men exchanged pleasantries.”
“O boy! I was surprised to
receive your call.” Said
“Yeah! You know my car
developed a fault at the third mainland bridge…have you forgotten that I had
seen it in my dreams and visions but somehow I felt I could maneuver it all. But my unwise decision took a toll on me.
Jumbos smiled in response and
introduced his friend to Chioma.
“Chioma, meet my friend
“Nice meeting you sir.” Replied
Chioma as she turned to face the Kazaxtan. The man gave her a deep penetrating gaze
and spoke.
“Hmmm….I see trouble
looming…where is your mother?” Asked Kazaxtan.
Chioma was petrified at the
intense way the man spoke to her.
“My mother? Why do you ask
about her?”
“Answer him ooo, he is a very
powerful seer.” Said Jumbos.
“Emm…she isn’t with us anymore,
she got separated from my father.” Said Chioma.
“Hmmm…I saw it…I knew it!”
“What did you see?” Asked Jumbos
in a worried tone.
“I see a big disaster which
will destroy Chioma’s family completely.”
“Oh! My God! Please tell me
sir, what is it?” Chioma panicked.
“It’s not for young ears…forget
I mentioned it.”
“Please sir, don’t keep me in
the dark, tell me…I am old enough to know, I beg you with all my heart.” She
“Kazaxtan tell her c’mon, she’s
in the position of knowing what danger lurks for her family.” Cajoled Jumbo.
“Hmmm…are you sure you are old
enough to understand what I am about to say?”
Chioma nodded as tears fell fast from face.
“You see, it is written that
soon your father will leave you and you will never see him again.” Said Kazaxtan.
“What? How do you mean? I do
not understand you, sir.”
“What I am telling you now must
not be told to a soul or else, you will die.” Continued Kazaxtan.
“Me? Die? My God!” Stammered
“The same evil force that sent
your mother away is at work and it is out to ruin your life, it has set a trap for your father…but his will be worse…it is already too late for him…he is doomed to
Chioma almost fainted, she
wailed loudly and even Jumbos could not console her, so he asked his friend if
there was a solution to the problem.
“There is no smoke without
fire, so, there no problem without a solution…I will help you but it will cost
you, as you can see, I am on my way to the airport for a very special mission.
There is a young girl like you who has been bewitched…her case is worse because
she has been doomed to run mad for the rest of her life.”
“Mad?” Sniffed Chioma through
“Yes… I have charged her five
hundred thousand naira to help break the spell and she has paid already.”
“Five hundred thousand naira?
How can I raise such money, the only person I know who has such money is my Dad
and he’s already angry with me…or should I tell him about your vision? I am
sure he will pay you well.” Said Chioma.
“I told you in the beginning that
this is a secret, your Daddy must not know anything about this.” Said Kazaxtan.
“How do I raise the money then?
I am only a secondary school student with a daily hundred naira pocket money.”
Said Chioma worriedly.
“Don’t you have friends you
could borrow money from? Don’t you know where your Dad keeps his money?” Said
“Yes…but…he keeps money in his
drawer but it’s not much…it varies, sometimes he keeps up to twenty thousand
naira or ten thousand naira, I know because he tells me to help him count them
“What of expensive gadgets like
television, fridge, radio sets, gas cookers and the rest…remember, the faster you act, the better.” Said Kazaxtan.
“We have one television set, a deep freezer, a laptop, a microwave and other useful gadgets.”
“All these things you mentioned is next to nothing but you seem like a good girl, I will help you.”
“Oh Thank you very much sir, God bless you.”
“Don’t worry, I am working for a greater good, there’s no traffic, in that case, you will be home soon. Do not worry about lifting the gadgets, I will send help. You must act now or
your family could become history faster than you can say Jack.”
“Then what do you want me to
do?” Cried Chioma.
“Is your father at home now?”
“No he isn’t, the truth is… he
is searching for me.”
“Why?” Asked Kazaxtan.
“I…em…I followed my friend to
her boyfriend’s house and…”
“Children of nowadays…what a
shame!” Sighed Kazaxtan.
“Why didn’t you tell me?” Asked
Jumbos angrily.
“Please…please sir…don’t be
angry with me.”
“Why shouldn’t I be angry?
Kazaxtan, the girl is obviously very foolish, are you sure you want to help
Chioma felt her world crumble,
she begged, pleaded and cried, but Jumbos played a deaf ear as he focused on
the road ahead of him. Kazaxtan was a bit more understanding as he smiled and
reassured her that all was well.


  1. Hi dears,
    The "hot mess" episode came in late, this owed to the fact that the nation observed a public holiday. This is the reason I wrote two episodes for this week and spaced the days. New episodes come out every Thursday and I promise to keep up the pace(God willing). Thanks for reading, I really appreciate your views. God bless.
    Kazaxtan, Jumbo and Daddy will continue next week. *hugs*


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