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I’ve been approached countless times by my friends and some of my readers with complaints like ‘Ada you should post often…’ ‘we hate the long pauses’, I am here to tell you that I am working on uploading posts on this blog atleast twice daily, *not story series ooo, to churn out exciting tales nor be beans but with God on my side, nothing is impossible* So inorder to satisfy the ‘hunger’ of my beautiful readers, I’ve resorted to stealing *covers face* or should I say, lifting? Well, my friend Juwon, is a big time writer, and I’m proud to say that I’ve learnt a lot from her, she is gifted and very intelligent plus she has a remarkable way with words. I stumbled on one of her blog posts on ‘Jealousy’ and I thought to share it with you guys.
I hope you enjoy it!

I was talking to a friend about Instagram and some of the
people we both follow and she told me that she unfollowed a lot of people
recently. When I asked why, she said seeing those women post pics of their
seemingly perfect lives was making her feel insecure and jealous and she didn’t
want that kind of energy around her so she just stopped.

I totally get. It’s so easy to forget that what people post on social media is
an edit of their lives; all of the fat days, zit days, no-sleep-last-night days
etc. are left on the virtual cutting room floor.
But for me, I love following people that I admire. It inspires and motivates
me. This wasn’t always the case.
I remember being a teen telling my mom that I was jealous of a girl. I’m not
sure why but  I think it was something about her skin (I’ve dealt with
cystic acne since I was about 10). My mom told me back then, “instead of
wasting your time being jealous, why don’t you just ask and find out how she
did it?” It never occurred to me that I too could get what another girl
had just by asking how and then working for it.
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I didn’t actually take my wise mom’s advice until a few years later when I was
in college. I was walking on a treadmill, pre-occupied with the lady in front
of me because of her perfect ass. It was a phenomenal, perfectly shaped,
non-jiggly ass. I remember being so annoyed, thinking “why does she get to
have a perfect butt and I’m stuck with this cellulite-ridden backside? That
bitch. Life is so unfair, woe is me, wahhhhhhhh.”

I was actually heated but my pity party was cut short when I remembered what my
mom said. What was the point of being jealous? It didn’t help me at all. It
wouldn’t make my ass look like hers. Just like that, I made a decision to stop
wasting my time being jealous of other people. If I wanted something, all I had
to do was work hard for it.
I jumped off of the treadmill and approached the lady with the perfect ass. I
told her I loved her butt (because flattery never hurt one’s cause and it was
the truth) and asked what she did to keep it looking amazing.
My point is, let those who have what you want motivate you. Make them your
allies in reaching that goal, not your enemies. At the end of the day success
in anything is about hard work and no one can do that work for you.
Besides, nobody likes a hater.

To read more from Juwon’s creative mind, visit her blog: http://nogobelieve.blogspot.com/



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