Shade pulled out the bodycon
dress in her suitcase and sniffed it.
“Oh how I miss America!” She
Her roommate looked at her and
“What are you laughing at?” Shade asked angrily.
Her roommate turned away and
continued reading her book. Shade hissed and quickly slipped her dress over her
head. She had just worn her shoes when two other roommates walked into the
room making small talk.
“Mehn! I heard the party is
going to be bad. It’s at the lodge ooo…no be small thing.” One of the girls
“I pity the girls that would
fall into those girls trap. Ada and her friends are really notorious and people
are talking ooo…” The other girl said.
“Talking what?” The first girl
“They are saying some scary
things about her and her friends…” The second girl said.
At that moment, they both
stared at Shade in a confused manner.
“Where she dey go?” The first
girl switched to pidgin.
“No be Uni we dey again? Free
world things…” The second girl said.
“I hope say no be de party
sha…” The first girl said.
“Well…good luck to her, I
really don’t care. I’m here to bag a degree and that’s final, I nor get time to
dull.” The second girl said as she plopped on her bed.
Shade ignored the two girls and
left the room.
The party was wilder than she
had ever imagined, as soon as she walked into the lodge, she smelt the familiar
scent of alcohol. She didn’t drink because hadn’t reached the drinking age (in the USA). The girls at the party dressed indecently and the guys each had a
bottle of beer in their hands. Girls and guys were paired, one girl to one guy
and even as they swayed, there was some sort of electricity in the air.
“Hi, you’re late.” Said Ada who
had spotted her in  the crowd and walked
up to meet her.
“Oh! Yea I am late…sorry.”
Shade muttered still stunned over the realization that this party was wild and
it was her kind of thing.
“Go over to the bar and take
whatever you want… there’s booze, there are cigarettes, weed and stuff and if you want any of the guys, just ask and you shall receive.” Ada winked.
Shade smiled and winked back.
Before long, she too had joined in the party and was dancing to the latest
The party continued till it was
about midnight and the boys were dispersing fast. Ada and some other girls
stood at the far corner of the room and observed the dancers.
“That one? I’ve heard so much
about her.” Said Aisha.
“She’s fresh and she’ll do
anything to be part of our social circle.” Ada said.
“Says who? I heard she’s rude.”
Said Kate.
“She’s fierce and we need
people like her on our team. I wonder why the university is not enrolling
students with fierceness anymore. All the ones coming in are mummy and daddy’s
pets.” Ada said.
‘It’s time to tell the guys to
leave.” Kate said silently.
Aisha signaled to one of the
girls who was on the dance floor and she quickly slipped into the
crowd. Soon enough, all the guys were gone.
Shade was shocked when the
music stopped playing, she turned around to see that there were only girls left
at the party.
“Oh my God! I had so much fun!
This party is crazzzzyyy!” Shade stressed.
Ada smiled and walked up to
“Well, that’s how our parties
are and sorry but it’s strictly a membership stuff.” Ada said.
“Really? How do I sign in?
Please tell me… I’ll do anything to be a part of this club or social group.
Mehn! This is fun!” Shade said breathlessly.
“It’s easy…very simple infact.”
“How much does it cost?” Shade
“It costs a blood covenant.”
Ada answered. a wicked gleam in her eyes.
Shade opened her eyes and
stifled a scream. She stared at her surroundings, she was in a cemetery.
“Ada! Kate! Everyone…where are
you guys?” Shade almost wailed.
Picking up her shoes which was
at the side of one of the tombstones, she ran out of the cemetery. She had not
a dime on her and it was still dawn, there were no cars moving about as
everywhere was silent. She reached the main road and waited tiredly for a car,
a bus or even a bike. ‘What happened to me?’ she asked herself as she
looked for bruises or cuts on her body. She remembered last night, the dances,
the party and the drinks and after that, the meeting with the girls but nothing
else. Soon she heard the sound of a car and waved hastily, the car stopped and
a young guy peered at her. She remembered him, it was the guy who had told her
that he was a believer, the guy she had gone to ask for cigarettes some days
“Urmm…hello… could I hitch a
ride with you to the university?” She asked.
The guy shrugged and unlocked
the car door, Shade breathed a sigh of relief and hopped in.
“What are you doing out here at
this time?” The guy asked.
“Well…err… I kinda went out
with my friend.”
‘Really? To where? There’s not
much activity around here except for the town which is about one kilometer from
“Well… I went to town and my
friend decided to drop me off… I mean, we went to town for a party and my
friend decided to drop me off here and…”
‘Drop you off at the gate of
the cemetery?” The guy asked.
‘Well…it was peaceful and quiet
and I love nature a lot so…” Shade said.
“What’s that cut on your
forehead?” The guy asked.
Shade’s hand flew to her
forehead and she winced at the impact because it hurt badly.
“Oh!” Shade quickly brought
down the sun visor and stared at the mirror in it. The cut was not really deep
but it was a small slash from the top of her head to almost at the center of
her eyes. She recognized the mark, she had seen it somewhere. Suddenly, she
remembered, Ada and the girls had a faint mark on their foreheads too, could it
mean that she was now one of them? She asked herself.

“You’ve got to be really
careful or you’ll find yourself between the devil and the red sea.” Said the
guy who changed the car gear quickly and zoomed off down the long road.


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