Blanck Digital recently showed off the beautiful Dakore Akande as its cover feature and she really looks amazing. Dakore is one celebrity who sticks to her fitness regimen and has a beautiful body due to all that hard work. So, recently, she covered the magazine ‘Blanck Digital’ and I think she looks hot.

One thing people find very queer about me is the fact that I love fashion so much which according to them is not akin to writers. They expect me to be a hermit, and practically lock myself up in a room and write, only taking out time to step outside in order to let the sun touch my skin haha. I could literally tell you the fashion trends for the season and what to expect at the next season and I learnt this all from none other than, ‘Franka Chiedu’ the publisher of Blank Digital magazine. ‘I might write on how I got to know her soon but not today’
Some days ago, I decided to go through Facebook even though God knows that I spend so much time stalking people’s pages. Do you stalk people on Instagram? Try stalking F/B pages, it’ll be worth your while. I was still stalking when I came across this message from Franka Chiedu and she was talking about the fake friends in the Entertainment and Media Industry, so I decided to share, as every story, is a sort of reflection, whether we it has anything to do with us or not.
I’ll introduce Franka just in case you do not know her. Franka is a hardworker and when I say, a hard worker, I mean that she’s a 9-9 kind of worker. She’ll be at the office at 9am and will be there till people have gone home to sleep, if she has a photo-shoot session, believe that she’s working hard wherever she is. 
When she gets home, she’s thinking of things to do to boost the magazine she headed at that time-‘Complete Fashion’, rings a bell right? I remember what she said to me one day about some three to four years ago. ‘Ada, I was about to sleep last night when I thought of colours and I quickly took my tab and began researching on colour trends’ that’s right, she works even while she’s supposed to be sleeping. Back then, when Franka was the editor of the biggest fashion magazine in Nigeria, her phone used to ring over the hook because every celeb wanted to be featured on the magazine cover. However, as the saying goes, whatever has a beginning usually has an end and one day she had to move on. 
It’s been a long while of silence as many haven’t heard from her except through the releases of her ‘brainchild’ BLANCK DIGITAL! 
Franka Asindi-Chiedu
Read what she says about her fake friends in the Entertainment and Media Industry. This write up was triggered by the display of love and condolences by celebrities at the recent death of, Nomoreloss.
 “Somehow we all failed ‪#‎NoMoreLoss from his colleagues, to friends to the Nigerian entertainment and media industry, we all in some way failed the restless talent; but then that is how the industry is… The minute the spotlight is no longer on you, everyone’s attention fades- they forget you, like you never happened. They run after the next best thing… They easily forget… But that’s life. I say this as someone who has had a taste of the bitter truth about this industry and have come to the conclusion that ‘ there are no real friends there… It’s all seasonal! One must learn to prepare for the days of drought, for it will come.
When I was an editor in Nigeria I had all sorts of ‘friends’ … The ones who needed cover page features, wanted a good review on the fashion police pages, free or cheaper adverts rates in the magazine and then the social climbers. The minute I walked away from that position, they all faded like cheap accessories. They take days to respond to your bb messages- in fact they disappeared from your radar completely. When by chance you meet they reluctantly wave at you like it cost them money.
I don’t know Muyiwa personally, in fact we never met but I can totally relate with how he must have felt before his death. Deserted by so called industry friends and colleagues most of whom didn’t even know he was sick. Fortunately for me, I’m a natural loner! It’s hard to win my trust and everyone is a suspect until proven otherwise. I saw through them all… I knew they were all fair weather friends, which was why it was easy to pack my bag and walk… Industry friends my foot.
I read that the funny, vibrant and talented #nomoreloss was depressed before his untimely death and I’m angry because he let this industry get to him… That dog eat dog, yam scratch yam industry …‪#‎sigh I have no more words Rest In Peace.”
Soon, she posted this on her Facebook page. 
“This is a follow up to my earlier post. Just so that you understand how annoying this industry is and for those people thinking it’s well and good in there- wake up and smell the coffee.
When I mentioned to a few people that I had left the magazine and the country and started my own little thing,they all pretended to be happy with and for me. Although some were bold enough to say to me “oh, so this is how my hope of a cover page feature perished” … Some others said ” go back to the magazine, you can’t survive” one even said ” don’t start your own magazine it won’t thrive, you don’t have the backing” ( I won’t say what she did months after I started Blanck).
At the early stages, I asked for one help or the other from these so called industry friends and guess what? They didn’t respond… The ones that did asked me to pay them for their services… I actually begged some to post about Blanck on their social media pages but they refused! I couldn’t believe it… It got to me, I’m not going to lie it did. It became obvious, our only connection was the magazine and my position at the time- in their mind, my salt had lost its taste. They wrote me off- I once said to someone ” it’s obvious that people will rather stick with the light than follow the bringer of it”‪#‎howshallow with this sudden realisation I reached deeper, I went back to my source, to my God ( even though He never left) I erased my memory, I wiped everything, every ties and started again on a BLANK page.
Surprisingly, help, support and encouragements came from unusual places. Somehow, people started hearing about Blanck, the brand crossed it’s one year mark… And dang! I start receiving messages from these so called industry friends… They want my UK number… We need to talk… Aaaaa you fashied us… Sigh! This industry… This industry… To be honest, I feel nothing for you. Listen, between you and me it’s strictly business and nothing more. I will write your story if it is relevant to my target audience but dear industry except it’s business don’t ring my phone… The day, you hear of my death if you are still here, don’t write about me… You don’t know me! I have family; real friends and trustworthy allies who can tell true stories of my nonconformist self.
I’m thinking about ‪#‎nomoreloss and telling me and anyone who cares to listen the honest and brutal truth… We are all loners in this world filled with souls… Do and be you and above all lower your expectations of others- everyone is on their hustle and don’t feel depressed when you get NO from people or places you expected an easy YES… That’s just life.”
Franka’s new edition has the beautiful Dakore Akande on the cover, and I bet that there are lots of nice things to read inside the magazine. She also featured Wana Udobang who speaks on the importance of living our healthiest and most authentic lives on our terms, irrespective of our body shape, form or size.
The digital version will be available online, on the iOS and android apps on the 7th of April 2016. Download the Blanck Magazine app to read full issue.

The Print Version will be available from the 14th of April 2014, visit the BlanckShop to order your copy.
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