You see, my sister and I were chatting about stuff and she was like, how come you don’t post regularly? I was like…huh? She was trying to say that I should post stories more regularly on the blog-site and I was like, haba! I be machine? But I thought of it, I could fill up the gaps especially on weekends that have just two stories.

What if I did something extra for weekends? I don’t want to stretch Silence into the weekend because I feel that it might break the tempo I want to achieve, yet, I can throw caution in the wind and post Silence on weekends and weekdays as well.

So, here’s me, seeking your opinion again….just as we did last time with the Silence Series.

What do I post up during the weekends? A new series? Stretch an old one to involve Saturdays and Sundays? Do you think I’m posting enough? Do you want more?

I could post more regularly but I don’t want you guys to be overwhelmed and find it hard to catch up with the stories or perhaps mix up one series with the other.

So you know, it will be a web series just as the rest. I’ll narrow it down and work with the highest number of votes.

*Romance Series– We’ve never had any romance series on the blog, (it won’t be x-rated though) but it would be very romantic…I guess…

*Stories that Touch– This would delve into people’s lives and show the raw pain that people in the society go through on a daily basis.

*Thriller– Hmmm…this is tricky but it’s going to be a very high tempo kinda series, where you might be gasping for breath at the end of each episode (just kidding…I’m not that good at suspense…hehehe)

So, here’s where you tell me what you want….will be delighted if I get answers….

Expect new episodes on Wife Material & Silence today on

I love you for reading!


  1. Haha why na,some of us read this blog almost everyday oh especially when me I feel like taking a break from a long day and I always enjoy every bit of it. so pleaseeeeee feel free to add more.I speak for myself duo, but I believe we'd all Love it.

  2. Wow Ada I so love u now. New series on wkends is NT a bad idea but the way things are atm is NT bad either. Do it the way u will nt stress urself much bcos writing and posting stories are nt d same as copying and posting stories.

  3. You already do thrillers, every post has suspense already. You already give us so much, if I could I'd have been paying you a salary for your interesting stories.
    Do what's ok for you, we're behind you 100%

  4. Thanks Ada and you are doing a fantastic job, well done! I won't mind Silence on weekends too or any of the other series…More power to your elbow!

  5. Thanks Ada and you are doing a fantastic job, well done! I won't mind Silence on weekends too or any of the other series…More power to your elbow!

  6. Errmmm Silence series is my thriller for now cos my heart beat so fast when reading, so dont give me heart attack by having d real thriller….lol. Ok i think Romance is fine. U are the best Adaeze….kudos to u hun

  7. I can't complain at the moment Ada…you are really trying
    Go with your instinct, i enjoy whatever you do
    Whatever suits you best


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