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Every time she walked into the room she gave him a killer
glare as though she was saying ‘if I hear of this ordeal from your lips I will
kill you.’ Emeka was scared, very scared of Nkechi, the woman he had quickly

She had charmed him with her culinary skills, her bedmatics
dexterity which he had equaled to none and the fact that she was the perfect
wife material. Now he understood the meaning of ‘All that glitter is not gold’
as emphasized in the classic, ‘The Merchant of Venice’ by Shakespeare. He
suddenly recalled sitting in his class with other students at Kings College
Lagos and while his fellow students made loud noise and jumped from seat to
seat during break, his focus was on his Shakespearean play. Now, he wished he
could go back, he desperately wanted to take back the hands of time, he wanted
to go back to his youth, he wanted to fall innocently in love again and he
wanted Ade back. At that moment he realized the reasons a lot of men make
mistakes where marriage is concerned. Majority seek complete control, while
others look for comfort, many more run after shadows and mostimes, leave their
soul-mates behind in their pursuit for unrealities. There is nothing like the
perfect woman, there exists one thing however which is ‘a woman with many
flaws’. Who could be referred to as, Wife Material? How many women fit into
this description? Yes, the streets are filled with beautiful women, curvy
women, women whose mouth-watering meals could make you forget an important
appointment at work and whose expertise in bed is a whopping 200% (that’s if
such thing exists). But what better woman than that one who completes,
satisfies and makes a man crave her companionship? What better woman that the
one who knows all your buttons, who can tell your moods and who knows how well
to annoy you and the easy way to make you burst out in laughter. Ade was such
woman to Emeka, they could crack jokes and laugh like their lives depended on
it, they gossiped more than most housewives, they annoy each other to the
extent of destroying their relationship but in all, they were so happy
together. Emeka knew at that moment that he wanted Ade back, he didn’t care if
her tribe encouraged genuflecting one million times a day, he didn’t care if
she spoke a different language or the fact that she didn’t whip up good dishes
as Nkechi, or if her bedroom experience was worse than Nkechi’s, ‘we’ll manage’
he thought, ‘she completes me, I should have never let her leave in the first

At that moment, Nkechi walked in bearing a tray of food, she
eyed him briskly and placed the tray beside him on the bed.
“Sit up and eat your food.” She ordered.
“I’m not hungry.” Emeka replied.
“Are you expecting me to beg you?” Nkechi asked in stonily.
“I don’t need you to do anything…Infact I don’t need you
anymore…I want you out of my life.” Emeka breathed.
“Hahahahahahaha…” Nkechi’s loud shout of laughter echoed
around the small hospital room. “You want to get rid of me? After using me,
having sex repeatedly with me and eating my food, you want to get rid of me?
Hahahahahahaha…you’re dreaming boo. Wake up and smell the coffee, it’s
breakfast time. Hahahahahaha…”
“So you feel powerful right now isn’t it? In your mind, I’m
weak and you’re strong right? All because you were trained to kill, you feel
you’re God, is that right?” Emeka said.
“No…I don’t feel that I am God but as long as you are
concerned, I am a god and there’s no way in hell that I’m ever letting you go.
We are stuck for life Emeka, till death do us part. It is over my dead body
that I’ll ever leave you, do you hear me?”
“You are joking…you are kidding…I will expose you, you dirty
“Go ahead…the door is open. Limp out of the room and look
for a microphone, tell everyone that I beat you up and after that come back
into the room feeling good about yourself. Then, in a few days you’ll be
discharged and you’ll come home to me, that is when you’ll know that a tiger is
better left unmeddled with because I will break your bones, I will step on your
back so bad till I hear it crack, your spine will become useless. Go ahead
baby, the door’s all yours.” Nkechi said and bent to give him a wet kiss on the
forehead and walked out of the room and this time, she left the door open.
Emeka lifted his hands which were decorated with drips and
covered his face and sobbed.
Ade blushed again and gave him her hand, he raised it to his
lips and murmured.
“The pleasure is all mine.” Tony said and kissed the insides
of her palm.
Tony was the son of Chief Okonta, one of her father’s
closest business associates, he had come to their house with his family for
lunch. Ade and her parents had just returned from church and she had been
lounging on the sitting room sofa and flipping through an old album when he
walked in. They were quickly introduced and Ade was loving all the attention
she was getting from the charming young man who couldn’t take his eyes off her.
By the time they had walked to the dinning and lunch was served, he kept
throwing glances her way till she almost choked on her grilled fish.
“I don’t think I’d survive this meal with those eyes of
yours.” Ade blurted out.
“I’m sorry but I can’t stop staring, you’re too good to be
true.” Tony said to her. “And to think that my family has known yours for
almost thirty years and we have never met face to face.”
Ade saw her father and step-mother hide their smiles behind
their tall water glasses and curiously dart their gaze at the two youngsters.
“Perhaps after today we could go for dinner together, just
the two of us.” Tony smiled.
“I’d love that.” Ade said, already feeling so special.
“It’s a date then, tomorrow at eight, I’ll pick you up.”
“I’d love that.” Ade said and blushed. “But promise to stop
the staring atleast for now, I’d love to eat my food in peace.”
Everybody laughed and lunch continued.
Ngozi had just returned from church, she had driven into the
compound with Nduka by her side, he wasn’t interested in driving today so she
had taken the wheels instead. She remembered feeling strange as she drove into
the compound as well as the hairs on her neck standing as though she was on
forbidden territory.
“Darling, do you want anything to eat?” Nduka asked as he
towered above her in the sitting room.
Ngozi stared at him for a while, taking in the new Nduka and
comparing him with the old one. She had to admit, there was something about the
old Nduka that kept her love for him going strong but for this new man, No, he
was like a dying ember of fire. She saw the look in his eyes, filled with love
for her yet within that soft gaze was something dead and buried, there was
little or no life in his stare.
“Yea…I’d like a toast…” Ngozi said with a scratchy voice and
watched him disappear into the kitchen.
As though on cue, her phone decided to ring at that moment,
she saw the caller ID and shivered, it was Ken.
“Hey Ken.” She said breathlessly over the phone.
“I just saw you, Ngozi, I have been at the front of your
house for the past one hour and I’ve been asking around, Nduka is not your
housemate, he is your fiancée.” Ken said with an icy voice.
“What…What are you talking about?” Ngozi stammered. “Are you
stalking me?”
“You heard me liar! How could you accept my offer knowing
fully well that you were engaged to someone else? And yes, I was stalking you,
I didn’t want to take a chance.”
“I’m sorry…I wanted to tell you the truth…I was too scared
to say it…” Ngozi quickly darts her eyes around the sitting room and runs into
the guest toilet shutting the door firmly behind her. “Nduka and I are no more
together, he wants out of the relationship and I am tired too… we decided to
let each other go a long time ago but I haven’t have the chance to move out
“Yes…I am telling you the truth…the whole truth.”
“If you are, then I expect that you let me in. I’m in front
of your gate. I’d love to be properly introduced to your ex-fiancé.” Ken said
and hung up.
Ngozi panicked, she rushed out of the toilet hastily and
bumped into Nduka who was holding up a tray of toast and fruit juice.
“Honey…slow down…” Nduka cautioned.
“Ndu…baby…please listen to me…my boss is coming…I mean, this
man is my new boss because I am on a contract with his company for now. He
hates working with married women and now he’s here to confirm that I am not
married. I’d like you to pretend as though we are no more together.”
“What? No way! Who is he? That pig! What are his
intentions?” Nduka said as he quickly dropped the tray of food on a high stool
and faced her.
“Please Nduka, co-operate with me, and act as if we cannot
stand each other. I need this job desperately.”
“What is it with you women? I withdrew all my savings and
gave it to you and yet you can’t resign from that office?”
“Nduka! Listen to me…do as I say. Don’t you love me anymore?
You promised that you’ll always be there for me, why are you acting this way?”
Ngozi said choking on a sob.
“I am sorry love, I promise to do as you say and I promise
never to bring up this topic again.” Nduka said hugging her affectionately.
There was a knock at the door and Ngozi stiffened, her gaze
suddenly went to the framed photographs of herself and Nduka together. She disentangled
herself from the embrace and hurried to the walls where she picked each
photograph and smashed them to the ground. Nduka stared at her with a shocked
look in his eyes. She hurried to the door and opened it, Ken stood at the
entrance with a scowl on his face.
“Oh Ken, I’m so glad you’re here, I want out of this
miserable relationship! Out!” She cried and flung herself into his arms and
It was no telling the kind of murderous thoughts that went
through Nduka’s mind as he sat in the kitchen listening to his love speak to a
strange man.
“But didn’t she say he’s her boss? I believe her, we are so
in love with each other and soon, I’ll get her to resign from that stupid job.”
In the sitting room, Ngozi was seated beside a worried
looking ken.
“You mean, he did that to you?” Ken said with so much
Ngozi had suddenly found herself recounting her past
experiences with Nduka to Ken and she saw the genuine compassion in his eyes.
It was at that moment that she realized that the saying ‘a problem shared is a
problem solved’ was really true. She found herself remembering all the harsh
things Nduka had done to her before she had jazzed him and somehow, she
realized that she made a big mistake to try to fix their love.
“I wonder what you are doing here if he has been doing this
to you.” Ken said sympathetically.
“I loved him so much…so much Ken, and I was hoping that it
was going to work…little did I know that I couldn’t force love. So you see,
Nduka doesn’t love me anymore, he just tolerates me but I held on for so long
and I think it’s time to finally let go.” Ngozi said with a catch in her voice.
“I’ll speak to my P.A about getting you a house, you need to
get out of here as soon as possible.”
Ngozi nodded and hugged Ken close to herself.
In the kitchen, Nduka was boiling, why was she saying all
those horrible things about him? As long as he could remember, he had always
loved her, she was his jewel, his sun, his life, why was she making up all
these stories?’ he asked himself, while sighing deeply.
That night, as Ngozi lay down on the bed with Nduka by her
side, she knew she had to take back everything that she had done. She had to
take back the hands of time and hopefully diffuse the charm that Jelia had
given her so that Nduka could return to his former state. Meeting Ken opened
her eyes to a lot of realities, there was no need to force love, it came as
naturally as the air she breathes. First thing tomorrow, she resolved, she
would go back to Jelia and undo the potion. She needed to be with Ken, he was
all that mattered to her now.
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Down in the dusty streets and inside the small house, Jelia
watched the bones rattle loudly and suddenly, one fell to the ground. She
picked it up and smiled to herself.

“Oh…so she has changed her mind. They always do…stupid women
that chase after men so shamelessly. I’m sorry Ngozi, not in this lifetime, a
love spell can never be undone.” Hanging the bone which had fallen off, back on
the rack, she shouted in laughter, displaying her disarrayed set of teeth.



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