The majority of people dream of their own
places, their own territory to feel comfortable, to build a house or grow a
garden. This is not complicated to organise in present days. You just need to
find a land plot in some picturesque place. However, a lot of people get lost
after they become lucky owners of a newly gained property.

The question “What’s next?” arises and
seems to keep hanging in the air for a while. Well, take a deep breath and keep
calm. We know what to do. Here are the basic steps.
Discovering the territory
After you have bought a land plot, you
need to deal without all necessary documents. Believe it or not, but a fence
accidentally put five centimetres beyond the territory may become a real pain
and the worst trouble you can imagine. Thus, don’t be in a hurry to build or
plant something straight away after you sign the agreement. Unfortunately,
there is still some boring agreements to sign. Deal with this as fast as you
can and get to bringing your plans to life.
If you don’t want to waste your time
waiting till paperwork is done, you can start planning. Learn about the
requirements concerning borders and measurements. Your comfort and aesthetic
vision shouldn’t be a worry for neighbours. For instance, trees and bushes
should be planted two or three meters away from the fence, while buildings
should be situated at least four meters away from buildings on a neighbouring
land plot. Note that these requirements may differ for your area. Specify
everything before approving a final plan.
Every project starts from a sketch. If
you know for sure, what you want to see around, go for it! If you are new into
landscape design, don’t mind to consult a professional and listen to his
advice. Being too stubborn is not good, for you may not understand the
situation and possible solutions completely. Make your taste and creativity
work in pair with your advisor’s professionalism. If it is a bare land plot,
where you want to see your future home, don’t forget to divide the territory
into definite zones – working space, garden, rest place etc.
Serious business
Building is not only about exterior. You
will have to think about water, gas, electricity, web connection, and some
other benefits of civilisation. Don’t forget to put garage and alleys on a map.
First of all, take care of facilities, and then start making everything look
You probably want to arrange a garden and
create your personal oasis. In this case, there might be some issues with soil
to resolve and kinds of plants to choose.
A fence (or fences, if zones are going to
be separated physically) should look harmonically. The best time to put
everything on its places is after all big-sized building materials are inside.
The front side is to appear the last one.
What to start with?
here we come to the beginning of the story. These are just several tips, and
your own plan or strategy may vary, for it always depends on a particular
situation. Nevertheless, it always starts from buying a land plot. What place
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Your dream is closer than you think. 



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