2015 is almost here….drum roll….let the count down begin.

Should we start with New Year resolutions? Let’s leave that somewhere for now but Give thanks to God for a wonderful 2014.
Was it wonderful at your end? I hope it was.
For me, it was a very fulfilling year and I’m glad that we can say goodbye to it.
What have we learnt from mistakes we made in the past year?
Have we learnt to forgive those who wrong us? We can’t carry over hatred to 2015….no way! It’s too fresh a year!
What hurt are we still holding on to?
What fears refuses to let us go?
What commitments have we refused to keep up with?
How many times have we tried to patch things up that we broke in the first place?

In all, I am so thankful that I am alive and well and that you, my friends are fine too and alive to see the year 2015.
I pray with all my heart that God who answers all our requests will never leave your sides this New Year and beyond.
Words cannot express how grateful I am to you guys for your support. When I started my first blog, I rejoiced at seeing thirty eight viewers after two weeks but now, I’m rolling in thousands as beautiful people keep visiting each and every day. God bless you all immensely.

For new posts, I’ve decided not to rush it, but take my time by writing longer stories to cover up my lack of posts. Please bear with me, posts will definitely be up (God willing) on or before Sunday.

January is a very special month to me because I celebrate my birthday on the 11th. *Can’t wait for that countdown to begin.*

I love you guys….

See you in 2015!

Have a bountiful New Year!

God bless you…God bless you…God bless you.




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