From me and everyone around me, we’re wishing our little ones a happy Children’s day. I am still a child (at least to my parents and most of my family members) so, I’ll wish myself a happy Children’s day as well….lol…
So, for blog visitors who have kids, what are your plans for them today? Please don’t sleep ooo…take your kids out, and let them have fun. I remember that my typical children’s day as a child was spent mostly at home, eating peppermints and drinking ribena because I loved peppermints so much and ribena was the only drink my parents would allow us have as kids.

To all the children whose parents read this blog,
I wish you a very happy celebration and I pray that you always bring joy to your parents.



  1. Awwwwww this is so thoughtful of you. Thanks for wishing the kids Happy children's day.
    It's a privilege being a parent and it's one of my greatest achievement ever and I'm grateful to God.


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