Today is the 28th day in September which marks
the fourth year anniversary of this blog. I want to say a big thank you to
everyone who has followed me on this journey from the beginning, those who
started half way and those who have just started following this blog. God bless

I was hoping to do an e-book promo on the site today but I haven’t
finished writing (I’m really sorry about that). It’s a mini-story filled with interesting characters and a
gripping plot. Some readers will get access to the book free through a small
question and answer series that I’ll put up on the blog while others will pay a
token fee to read it. I promise that it won’t be difficult questions though. I
love you guys for reading and I am really honoured that you all visit and read
my stories (an imperfect writer that I am).

Also, to mark my blogversary, I am going
to put up the very first story I had on my blog (unedited) in an ebook on
Okadabooks for free. I realize that not many readers have read the first ever story series on this blog so, I’m packaging it for everyone, free of charge. Expect it soon! It’s going to be an ebook on
 I’ve decided to do this
because my first series is very significant to this blog and even though I
might have sounded like an amateurish writer back then, I’m sure you’ll enjoy the
story-series which had Chioma, Queen & Ego as the stars of the series. The
Ebook goes up hopefully before the end of this week. I’ll put up a link as soon as it goes up!
Thank you all so much for being fantastic readers, I
appreciate all of you and I thank God for drawing you to my blog and pray that
His mercies, love and blessings never depart from you.
God bless you all immensely!
Happy Anniversary to all of us!


  1. Happy anniversary to us! Four years isn't a joke and you have been consistent! Well done Darling.
    You'll continue to go to greater heights in Jesus name, this gift which you have given to the world so generously will continue to announce you in Jesus name.


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