was at her balcony when Tara ran into the compound looking as though she was being pursued by wild animals.
She quickly ran into granny grans house and slammed the door shut. Yemisi
wanted to go to her cousin and friend but something held her back. She didn’t
want to be shunned again. But she felt so lonely and unhappy. Ever since she
miscarried, she hasn’t been the same again, even her parents weren’t the same
anymore. There was this strained relationship that existed in her house. Her
brothers couldn’t wait to pack their bags and run off to Ibadan for the holiday to their relations place and her mother who was on vacation from school,
enrolled for training at a computer school.
Her father was hardly home either,
he always looked for excuses to leave the house at every opportunity. Yemisi
knew that it was her mistake that had turned her family around. Something was
missing and she knew that it was majorly her fault. Sighing audibly, she picked up her bag from the ground, turned
to lock the door to her empty house and left the balcony. She almost stopped at
Granny grans house but she didn’t, she had somewhere else on her mind.
reached her destination in thirty minutes and stared at the house for a full
minute before pushing open the gate. She located the flat and knocked raptly
waiting to be answered.
is it?” Asked a male voice.
me…it’s Yemisi”
door opened to reveal a young teenage boy of about thirteen years old.
The boy greeted.
Tayo at home?” Yemisi asked.
in his room. Who should I say is…?” The boy hardly finished his sentence when a
loud voice boomed from the sitting room.
I thought you had changed your mind.” Tayo shouted as he walked to meet her at the
door, wearing nothing but boxer short.
Yemisi was taken aback by the hunky male specimen in front of her and gulped. Hair ran down his chest and stopped at the waist band of his boxer short. 
Tayo.” Yemisi replied silently.
come in…meet my little brother, Chukwuma.” Tayo said.
Chukwuma…” Yemisi greeted again, puzzled at the Igbo name.
know you’re surprised that I have an Igbo brother. Don’t be. His mother is Igbo
and she’s my step-mom.” Tayo supplied.
Yemisi replied as she walked into the house.
dad was obviously very well to do, the sitting room was tastefully furnished.
There were eye catching pictures of the family and Yemisi squinted to look at
the smiling people in the photo. Surprisingly, Tayo was in none of them.
umm…go to my room. My sisters would be back from the salon soon, and the house
will be so noisy.” Tayo said.
room? I don’t think that’s a good idea. I am here to study and not sleep.”
Yemisi said.
All work and no play makes Jack a dullard, haven’t you heard of that?” Tayo
said playfully.
really not here to play Tayo.” Yemisi replied.
I’m so sorry that I can’t teach you. You know, when you came to me to beg that
you needed me to help you with Physics, I was reluctant but after you shed
those tears of yours, I was like ‘what the heck, lemme help the damsel in
distress’ now, you are disappointing me.”
was lost for words, she remembered how bad she felt when she saw her exam
results and how lost she felt when she knew that her cousin Tara was not
willing to coach her in the subjects which she had challenges with. Yemisi knew
that times were hard with her parents as regards money and she didn’t want to
put much pressure on them by asking for a tutor. She remembered that after she had seen Tayo cart
away with prizes for the best student in her class, she had walked up to him
for help. He was reluctant at first but after much persuasion on her part, he
had agreed.
then.” Yemisi said, shifting the weight of her bag to her other shoulder.
was led up the stairs to his room and Yemisi marveled more at the artwork at
the walls of the house and intricately designed staircase.
house is really nice…is your dad an architect?” Yemisi asked.
he is. Smart of you to decipher that.”
neighbour’s will be really intimidated to meeting up to the interior look of
your house.”
is a flat right?”
the outside you’d think it is but it’s actually a full duplex.” Tayo supplied
sounding kind of bored.
decided to stop gushing on the house and followed him into his room. Tayo’s room
was very different, it was scattered and had different kinds of musical instruments
from guitars to drums, Yemisi held her tongue lest she asked him another
irritant question.
room had no chair which left the option of seating to be the bed and Yemisi
stared at it in trepidation. Tayo who stood behind her, slightly touched her
back and she jumped in fear.
you okay?” Tayo asked.
look pale…is the room too cold?”
shook her head.
sit on the bed, sorry there are no chairs. As you can see, there’s no room for
that in here.” Tayo said.
kept staring at the bed, her fear rose and her bile threatened to burst, her
eyes were as huge as saucers.
you okay? Are you fine?” Tayo asked.
didn’t reply, she just kept staring. The bed sheet on Tayo’s bed suddenly looked identical with the one on which she had had her innocence stolen. She blinked rapidly
and suddenly couldn’t feel blood coursing through her veins. In desperate
attempt to pull herself together, she reached out to hold onto something but her
fingers touched air. Silently, she fell in a faint.
is she?” Tayo’s father raged. He already had a huge whip in his hand.
my classmate…I swear dad.” Tayo’s voice cracked.
was she doing in your room? I’ve told you honey, this boy will spoil our kids…”
His step-mom said with venom in her voice.
dad slashed the whip through the air and when it came down, it hit his son
squarely on the shoulder.
told you the truth…she’s a classmate. I tried helping her with Physics,
that’s all. There’s proof of her text books in her bag.” Tayo continued as his
father rained him with beatings.
Yemisi fainted, Tayo was shocked, he didn’t know what to do or who to call. He
tried reviving her with water and even fanned her to no avail. He was about
to call for help when his father opened the door to his room with his
step-mother in tow and a very sneaky step-brother behind them. Tayo
instinctively knew that Segun had called his parents and had told them some lies
about him.
did you do to her? You pervert! What did you do?” Tayo’s step mother shrieked.
my God! What kind of a son are you? When your mother hunted me down after ten
years of having given birth to you and presented you to me as my son, I did the
unthinkable. I took you from her and raised you alongside my kids, all these
while thinking that you are my flesh and blood but now, I regret that decision.”
His father shouted.
have to send him away! I can’t deal with this kind of teenager. Look at how big
he is…and to think that I have daughters in this house? If I ever see you
standing one foot close to them, I will castrate you.” His step mother shouted.
was aghast, he wondered what his father and step-mother were saying. ‘Should he
have agreed with Yemisi when she didn’t want to go into his room? Why had he
persisted?’ He asked himself.
that moment, Yemisi stirred, she opened her eyes to see strange faces. A man
who was an older replica of Tayo held a long whip, a very light skinned lady ran her
hands through her hair and Tayo had whip marks on his body. Struggling to
get up, Yemisi moaned.
She has woken up! Finally…” The man thundered.
step-mother hurried to help her up to her feet.
dear, I am so sorry, we would call the police immediately and do not worry. We
are not the kind of people that condones rubbish even if it’s from our son. Did
he touch you? The rapist! Did he do anything to you? I will make sure that he’s
castrated.” Tayo’s mother supplied.
sorry…but I have to go home now.” Yemisi said sounding tired.
them that nothing happened.” Tayo demanded, he sounded hurt.
I need to go home now please…I feel very weak.” Yemisi said, fear lined her
help you downstairs, my driver will take you home…” Said Tayo’s step-mother as
she led Yemisi out through the door.

turned to look at Tayo, the look in his eyes made her want to cringe.

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