Seyi fumed, she had eaten nothing for lunch and she was
about to starve for dinner.
“How many times do I have to tell you this? I do not eat
eggs!” Seyi screamed at the cook.
“How many times do I have to drum it into your ears, I’ll
cook it anyway!” Shouted back the cook.
“Are you yelling at me? Are you shouting at me? Who gave you
the audacity to talk back at me?” Seyi screamed at the cook.

The cook turned her back at her and continued washing the
dishes, when Seyi saw that the cook had shut her off like a leaking tap, she
stormed out of the kitchen.
“If ya mama nor teach you how to respect pesin…come make I slap
ya ugly face!” Spat the cook, changing her perfectly sculpted English to pidgin.
“You better watch your mouth ooo…I’ve taken care of Seyi for
a long time and the best thing to do is ignore her, even her mother doesn’t scold
her.” Nanny said quietly, she was slicing vegetables.
“Nanny…dis gial own too much abeg…you don see de way she dey
para like pesin wey nor get common sense? Abeg dem pay me to cook no be to
collect insult. What rubbish! I have a certificate and I’m not one to be trifled with.” The cook said angrily alternating between English and Pidgin.
Nanny rolled her eyes, it was always like that every time
and she could only try as much as she could to train the spoilt brat but the
girl was worse than people gave her credit for. She remembered seeing a pregnancy
testing knit in her room last year and immediately she confronted her, she had received
the cold shoulder. Seyi’s parents pampered her to a fault and nanny was not interested in bringing up ‘spoiled goods’ she
was in Seyi’s home because she needed money to pay her already excessive bills
at home. She strained her ears and heard the loud screams from the top of the
stairs, it was Seyi and she was reporting the incident to her father who
unfortunately was the only one at home since Seyi’s mother had traveled again on one of her numerous business trips. Nanny shook her head silently, another
cook will be sacked today.
Sandra opened the pages of her book and tried to read, she remembered
sleeping till very early this morning and since it was a Saturday, she decided
to spend the day in her room reading. She had gone downstairs for
breakfast and she intentionally skipped lunch because she heard Seyi’s father’s
voice. How she hated him to be at home, he scared her and she hated the fact
that she shivered at his tone of voice. She was listening to the loud rapparts
between Seyi’s father and obviously the cook who was known for speaking pidgin English.
“Na ya pikin go kee you…old pig!” The cook was saying from
“Get out of my house now or I’ll call the police.” Seyi’s
father was saying.
“Una don see Sandra? Dat one na better pikin! Pikin wey
fine, she even get respect…I like am nor be small. That girl na good girl, dis
ya pikin Seyi wey all dem boys for street don use finish…” The cook was saying.
“Get out! Leave immediately!” Then speaking to the gateman,
he thundered. “Why are you staring at us? Get this trash out of my compound!”
Seyi’s dad bellowed.
“Daddy did you hear what she called me? And to think she’s
comparing me with that village girl Sandra, that Sandra that has no scruples…”
Seyi started.
“’s okay hun…I’ll see to it that such useless
comments do not get to your ears again.” Her father said.
Sandra opened the door to her room and quietly peeked out to
the passage way, there was no one in sight, she pushed the door further and stepped
out of her room, and tiptoeing to the top of the stairs, she hid from view and
watched the commotion happening downstairs. The cook held her luggage in one
hand and was wagging the finger of her other arm from side to side and heaping
insults on Seyi’s dad. Sandra watched the gateman hurl her out, as soon as the
door banged shut, she startled, realizing that she didn’t want anyone to see
her, she tried tiptoeing back into her room but stopped short when she heard
Seyi’s father’s voice.
“Stop there!”
Sandra stopped and turned to stare into the accusing eyes of
Seyi and her father.
“So, you had the audacity to stand here while the cook analysed the qualities between yourself and my princess right?” Seyi’s father
‘I…urm…I was only going to check if there was still some
lunch left…” Sandra said.
“Lunch? Do you provide any food in this house? Who do you
think you are anyway to seat like a queen in my household? Know this, I am
tolerating you because of my wife’s unwillingness to let you go…do not get on
my nerves.” Seyi’s father breathed.
“I am trying not to sir…honestly…” Sandra muttered.
“Get out of my sight!” Seyi’s father thundered.
 Sandra scampered out
of sight, she ran into her room and shut the door behind her, racing to her
bed, she shut her eyes and didn’t know when she fell asleep.
When Sandra heard the knock at her door, she thought she was
dreaming, she opened her eyes only to see that the room had darkened. The
windows didn’t bring forth light indicating that it was already night time.
Yawning loudly, she sat up on her bed and rubbed her eyes, she heard the knock
again and went to open the door.
“Mom, is that you?” Sandra asked and her stomach growled in
The door clicked open and a male form stood at the doorway.
“Sir…I…” Sandra stammered.
Seyi’s father walked into the room and kicked the door shut,
the room was quite dark so Sandra couldn’t make out his facial expression.
“You enjoy your privacy right?” Seyi’s dad said quietly, his
breath smelt of alcohol.
“Noo…it’s not that sir…it’s that Seyi doesn’t talk to me…I have
no friends so I’d rather be alone.” Sandra stammered.
“Seyi is not your class…she can never mingle with one of low
standard as yours. Even your mother was of low standards talk more of you…” He
“I am sorry sir but I do not understand you.” Sandra
stammered already scared at the close range at which they stood.
“You are not meant to understand anything..” Sandra’s father
said and with a huge shove, he pushed her to the ground.
Sandra fell in a helpless heap and was stunned to find Seyi’s
father’s weight untop of her.
“Get off me…get off me…” Sandra cried.
“Not until I’m done with you…perhaps you’ll serve some
purpose after all or didn’t the cook say that you are more refined than my
daughter? Let’s see how refined you can be…” He said harshly.
Sandra struggled and tried to scream but he slapped her
mouth shut while his other arm ripped her clothes.
“Let’s make this a habit…you and I…our little secret.” Seyi’s
father whispered.

Sandra buckled under his weight, almost choking on sobs that
were forming in her throat, he was so strong and she was too helpless to do
anything. Seyi’s father felt strong, this was one little opportunity that wouldn’t escape him ever!


  1. Hi, I just discovered your blog and I have enjoyed your series. You are quite a good writer.
    I do not mean to be a "spoil sport" and I know life could be hard but I have noticed almost all your teen characters have one baggage or the other.. its either sex or rape or blackmail or being orphaned or raised by a single parent or just spoiled brats .. and in as much as I can imagine that life these days are not as simple as they were in those days when teenagers were just "slightly grown children".. You get me really worried with your stories though they seem to have good endings. I hope to read about more teenagers with normal childhood/ "teenhood" stories as I'm still going through your blog. Though some may differ that those stories may not be interesting but I trust your imaginative self would come up with such.
    I apologize if I may have sounded "somehow" because I know the stories are yours and you can do as you please with your stories (and some may say I should write mine and incorporate my advise therein). But I'm trusting God for a better future for us and our children. Take care!
    p.s-you could get someone to briefly proofread your stories before posting to correct any errors like that in the last paragraph where you wrote "Seyi" instead of "Sandra".. All the best!

  2. Hey Anon,
    Thank you for visiting my blog and for reading the stories. You see, my writing is basically a work of fiction, nothing more, nothing less. It doesn't hurt to sometimes create a character that seems out of the ordinary besides, if all characters had little or no baggage, there will be no story.
    I enjoyed your criticism even though I'd have loved you to drop your name at the bottom of your comment so that I can address you by name and not by Anon…lol.
    Just as you pointed above, the stories are mine and I write just the way the inspiration comes. If you feel that the teenage series is too harsh or you disapprove of the lives of the teens in the tale, you could chose any of the other sections above. There's Senorita, Silence, Wife Material & Black Mail and at least one of them wouldn't get you so 'worried'
    I run this blog single-handedly as I am a blogger who is pursuing my passion and talent of writing, all my readers see the errors in my stories and know that 'Ada is busy writing and trying to meet up with time, that's why she doesn't really have time for editing' however, I'll take this seriously and get someone to edit every post before it goes up. Surely, it's a slow and gradual process, and since you've pointed out these facts, you could help me edit whenever you're free *big grin*.
    Thank you for visiting this site and please do so often.


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