Sandra had been starving
herself and she had thought that no one noticed. Unknown to her, nanny had been
watching her closely. So that Friday afternoon once she kept the dirty dishes
in the sink, and she was about to leave the kitchen, nanny asked.
“How is

“Fine ma.” Sandra
answered in a quiet voice.
“Did you enjoy your
“Yes I did ma.”
“Really? I hope the
stew wasn’t too spicy, I put little quantity of pepper into it.”
“It was very fine
ma, I enjoyed it…there was no pepper.” Sandra said.
Seyi walked into the
kitchen with her plate in her hands, her eyes were watery and her nose ran.
“Oh my gosh! Nanny!
This food almost killed me. Did you fill the pot with the all the pepper in the
“Sorry dear, the
weather is a bit cold so I decided to put enough pepper in order to warm your
body a bit.”
“That doesn’t mean
that you should buy all the pepper in the market though.” Seyi said as she
walked to the sink to toss her plates which clattered noisily. “Nanny, I’m
going to Nike’s place. We have an assignment to finish up…”
“Don’t go anywhere,
your mom didn’t tell me that you are going anywhere.”
“She’s hardly
around, so…how does she expect to know where I am going to? Please
nanny…c’mon…” Seyi pleaded with a pitiful look in her eyes.
“Okay you can go
but come home before 7pm. I wonder why you kids can’t sit at home ehn! I
thought you saw yourselves in school today.”
“Thanks nanny, you
are the mother I never had.” Seyi said breezily as she hugged her and raced
out of the kitchen totally ignoring Sandra.
“So what were we
saying?” Nanny turned to face Sandra immediately Seyi left the kitchen.
“I was telling you
about the food.”
“And I know that
you haven’t been eating for quite a while. You are so thin and the bin is
filled with nylon-wrapped food all the time. What is wrong with you? Are you
sick? So you want to die? If you were more mature I would have asked if you’re
pregnant.” Nanny said and after a while peered at her and asked.
“Or are you
pregnant? Don’t tell me that you decided to repay Seyi’s mum’s kindness to you
with pregnancy. Sandra! “
Seyi was about to halt a
taxi when all of a sudden someone called out her name.
Seyi turned to look at
the person, it was Justin. He was hurrying up to meet her.
“Seyi…please hear
me out! I need your help.”
Seyi stared at a
bedraggled-looking Justin, he looked like he hasn’t slept for days and he
limped a little while he ran. He got to her in time before she jumped into the
nearest taxi.
“Seyi…you have to
help me…my uncle is dying in jail. I was let go because I’m a minor but I was
beaten by…by…the men your father hired.” Justin said panting heavily.
“I don’t know what
you’re talking about. Besides you’re not supposed to look for me. Or aren’t you
guys tired of taking nude pictures?” Seyi spat at him.
“Please hear me
out! When my uncle told me that we had to blackmail you, I wasn’t in on it. But
he persuaded me and because I live under his roof, I had to succumb but I realise
now, that I should never have done that. You are the best thing that happened
to me Seyi.”
“Were.” Seyi
said succinctly.
“What?” Justin
“I am not the best
thing that happened to you. Not anymore. Goodbye. “Seyi said and finally hailing
a taxi cab she slid in.
Justin stood at the side
of the road and stared at the retreating cab.
“I think I’m going to do
what your mommy said, Chika..” Sandra’s voice floated down the phone line.
“Serious! I’m so sorry
Sandra…so sorry.” Chika said sympathetically.
“I was dropping my dish
in the sink today when nanny asked me a very shocking question.”
“Asked you what? What
did she ask you?” Chika asked over the phone.
“She asked if I’m
“What? What did you tell
“No of course! I couldn’t
tell her the truth besides she pulled the line of Seyi’s mom’s gesture to me
and I couldn’t tell the truth. I am tired of hiding Chika, I want to get rid of
this baby. I won’t love it.”
“Okay…I’ll call my mom
and get the number of the doctor from her and after school tomorrow, we’ll go
to the clinic. Understood?”
“Yes…thank you so much.”
“You’re welcome, now…please
get some rest…we’d better get our fingers crossed for tomorrow.”
“Okay…bye.” Sandra hung
up and walked to her bed where she lifted up her pillow. Her mother’s picture
lay underneath, she stared at it and sighed.
“What would you have
done mama? Is it best for me to get rid of the baby? What if I die in the
process? I hope I’m making the right decision because I’m so confused right now…I
wish that you were here with me…” She cried and stared at her mother’s picture
for a long period of time before placing it back in its former position.
Seyi’s mother was
flipping through magazines while picking at her food and frowning as well.
“Nanny!” Seyi’s mother called.
“Yes madam.” Nanny
answered running in from the kitchen.
“Why is this food so
spicy?” Seyi’s mother asked.
“It’s because of the
cold weather ma…I am sorry that it is too peppery for you.”
“Please do not throw in
this kind of pepper again. Am I clear?”
“Yes ma.” Nanny said and
made to go but stopped. “Madam.”
“Yes.” Seyi’s mother
answered still focused on her magazine.
“I am very worried about
Sandra, she hasn’t been eating, she’s been throwing food away and she looks
pale most of the time. I have borne five children and due to the nature of my
job, I have taken care of many children. I’m suspecting that Sandra is
Seyi’s mother’s fork
clattered to the ground noisily as she stared at Nanny is shock.



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